I was wrong

it’s not the sewing machine light that I should worry about.

It’s the iron.

That’s the one thing I’m not so keen on with regards to sewing.  Ironing.  Ick.  Lots of prep work goes into sewing–washing and ironing the fabric.  Then setting up the machine, winding the bobbin, threading the machine, pinning the fabric, then pressing (which is a fancy word for ironing). THEN, finally, sewing.  Then more pressing. Then sewing, then pressing. and pressing.

And irons are hot.

But I’ve got an internal deadline to make some cutie-pie skirts for my nieces who will all be together in less than two weeks.  So I braved the iron (and all the pressing) and whipped up these:

IMG_1725 IMG_1726 IMG_1727


These are Liesl Gibson’s Lazy Days skirts.  Each took about 45 minutes (including ironing). It could have taken less time, but the Mister made me turn off the iron in between each pressing.  Yes. It’s that hot.

The skirt is basically pattern-less and a breeze to sew.  Three down, four to go. But they’re sorta addictive, so maybe more than 4.  Thing 3 may find her fall wardrobe filled with Lazy Days skirts, although, if they’re to become back-to-school skirts, I may rename them “crack the whip” skirts and look for less whimsical fabric. Like herringbone. Or pinstripes.

Meanwhile, we continue to melt here in NJ.  Although a co-worker shared this NSFW  (language warning!) video with me today–I think our entire country is under siege. Word on the street is that we should see some relief by Sunday.  Not a moment too soon for me.




  1. I am continually amazed by your sewing and knitting skills….45 minutes?!?! It would take me that long figure the pattern out!

    Oh, I like the pink one nod nods

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