Amazing how when Monday comes, and you pile yourself into your car and into your office and ultimately into your desk chair, and a coworker asks “How was your weekend?” and you can. not. remember.

“Good?” you answer (as a question, because you’re pretty certain that because you’re actually sitting in your desk chair as opposed to jail or the emergency room that yes, the weekend was good.  Never mind that 20 years ago, being in the ER or jail would qualify as a “good weekend.” Or at least “fun.”).

Thank goodness for cameras on phones.  They are instant proof of good weekends.

Saturday started off with another brick workout–my second.  I’m getting much faster on the transition.  This time, I was able to get my tri suit on and off in a timely manner to use the bathroom, and I didn’t update my FB status.  Amazing how that small omission saves so much time.

Saturday was still steamy, hot and humid here in NJ, so Thing 3 and I hit the pool in the afternoon.  Thing 2 was working, and I try not to talk to her during her shifts (would hate to be “that” embarrassing mom).  But she was on slide duty (making sure the kids were the appropriate height), and I wanted to use the slide.  So I lined up, third after two small girls.  And Thing 2 looks at me, square in the eye, and says “ma’am, I’m sorry. I don’t think you’re tall enough for the slide.”

Not missing a beat, I replied “Are you sure?  My doctor said I grew at my last appointment.  Should I stand next to Road Runner.? (He’s the harbinger of height at our pool) Or do you want me to take the swim test?”

The two girls in front of me turned around to see how this drama would play out.  One of them, when she saw me, her jaw dropped and her eyes got huge!  She turned to Thing 2 and said, in a whisper:  “I think she’s very tall. You should let her go.”

I didn’t want the girls to get the wrong impression, so I then came clean and told them that the Thing 2 was my daughter.  Seeing as we look so much alike, they had a no trouble believing this at all.  Needless to say, the line at the slide grew much longer before we sorted out that 1. I was tall enough to use it and 2. Thing 2 even with her dark hair, dark eyes and small stature, could belong to a tall, blonde mom.

I am definitely a parent cut from the CTFD mould, so Thing 2, while talented (in my eyes) may seem very unassuming and typical to others.  I was so glad to see this spark of wit, and in public!

Sunday started with yet another 5:30am alarm–a coworker and I decided to do some trail running in preparation for our upcoming Mountain Challenge.  Two months ago, this is how I was dressed:



8 weeks later:

IMG_1730 IMG_1729


The promise of a cooler day hadn’t yet materialized.  The humidity was still on, 100%.  We were a hot mess just a mile into the trail.  Oh, and that stream in the top photo?  A trickle.  After the deluge of rain all spring and into June, we haven’t had very much since.  So this trail run had no mud.  Only flies.

And wild raspberries:

IMG_1733 IMG_1734


At about mile 5 we were near the top of the reservation, and the topography was completely different–wild raspberries everywhere!  Of course, I stopped to eat. Many. I am a berry girl, and I was so tempted to run back the five miles to Doug’s house, grab a pail and run back up the reservation.  Then I actually considered emptying my water bottles and filling them up.

I’m glad I didn’t. Because soon after that I swallowed a gnat, which sent me on an 11 minute coughing spree (I know it was 11 minutes, because my runmeter app showed a “stopped time” of 11:27 for mile 6.  If you happen to be running the South Mountain reservation and come across my lung, please let me know).

Although my training plan called for 10 miles, we did 8.2 in over 1:40.  About 3 miles of the trail was very technical and steep and took alot longer than anticipated.  That and the swallowed bug made for a tough run.

As I got home (9:30 am–amazing how much you can get done when you start so early), the Mister and Thing 3 were heading out for crepes.  No need to ask twice–I joined them!



My fave recovery meal: strawberry banana crepes!

Then (yes! there’s more! It’s still before noon!) we loaded the other two Things into the car and headed for Camel Beach, a waterpark at the Camelback ski resort in the Poconos. Although we were privy to far too many badly drawn and poorly placed tattoos, this was a lot of fun.  By then the heat had backed off  (only in the 80s) and the humidity was bearable, so we had a fantastic afternoon in the wave pool, riding the different water tubes, and floating along the lazy river.  And, nice touch, the place actually had grown-up drinks:




The only caveat–on the way out, Thing 3 announced her need to visit the restroom.  And Thing 1 reminded us all: “Thing 3, this entire place is the restroom.”  Yikes, didn’t really want to think about that.

So yes, two runs, a ride, good food (not counting the gnat), funny kids, no jail or ER.  It was a good weekend!


  1. 5.30???? Gosh you are VERY dedicated. I would have been asleep by 11! I thought that I was doing well going for a run at 7 last week. Guess that I have a bit to go before becoming a hard core runner!!

  2. Great weekend round up Paige – you packed a lot in, and thanks for pointing me towards the article on CTFD parenting. I think I am of that persuasion, but my family might disagree 🙂
    BTW – whenever I read your posts I am encouraged to get blogging again, as I really like your writing style and think you make the everyday sound very interesting – quite a skill 🙂

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