I gotta tell you, in all honesty, NJ is not my choice of “home,” but now that I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my life, I really can’t deny it any longer.  For better or worse, Sopranoland suburban NJ is my home, and well, I’m enough of an optimist that when presented with lemons, I make lemonade.

This week’s lemonade was made with tons of help from Thing 3.

First off was a trip on Wednesday to Broadway to see



As always in my life, there was a bit of drama surrounding this trip.  Originally Thing 3 and I had invited Cousin 1 of the Hong Kong tribe to go to the show as part of a belated joint birthday outing.  (Thing 3 and Cousin 1 are born on April 15 and April 12, a year apart). Unfortunately, once in the US Cousin 1 had other obligations, and we were left holding a extra ticket.  Not so unfortunately, Thing 3 has a cadre of pals and it was easy enough to find a stand-in for Cousin 1.

Thing 3 has yet to read Matilda, so I was uncertain as to how she’d enjoy the show.  Thing 2 is my Edward Gorey/Roald Dahl/Shel Silverstein noir child.  Thing 3 is my sugar, spice, all things nice child.  But, the live stage has power.  As do front row seats.



Matilda was fantastic.  Thing 3 and her buddy were troopers as the play ran long and we didn’t get home til after midnight!

But one good night’s sleep and Thing 3 was ready and rarin’ to go for a Thursday night outing to the Newark Bears minor league baseball game.



This was an outing with coworkers, and a lot of fun, albeit a bit chilly.  Thing 3 isn’t smirking.  That’s her homemade crushed cherries/limeade smile that apparently is semi-permanent (thank you Whole Foods recipe and the $37 worth of Whole Food cherries now sitting in my fridge for that).

Tomorrow Thing 3 and I head up to Grandma’s for the first part of her journey to her 2nd sleep-away camp of the summer.  She’ll be gone for 2 weeks, and I’ll totally miss having her as my partner in crime.  Or rather, lemonade-making.


  1. Gorgeous girls! I love having a daughter-great company on all my excursions. Wouldn`t mind having three to choose from! I`ve no idea what NJ is like. I probably should watch Sopranos some time, just for the scenes of course, and not the plot.

    • The girls really went all out with their outfits for their “broadway” trip!
      NJ gets its bad rap from probably the 15 square miles (or so) of ugly in the Newark airport/post industrial wasteland. The vast majority of the state is really lovely and diverse. Our state nickname is The Garden State, and it’s meant in all seriousness!

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