Last minute Lucy

I am a bit of a “last minute Lucy.” I put things off until they can no longer be ignored, and then I scramble and make-do, and voila, everything works out, which then in turn feeds future “last minute Lucy” tendencies.

In two weeks our entire fam is heading for Japan.  Fortunately, the Mister decided to take charge here (being Japanese, he can only tolerate my last minute Lucy-itis to a certain extent, then he explodes. In his very quiet, Japanese way of exploding. Which means he sighs heavily.) He bought our tickets for AUGUST in February.  I was put in charge of securing the rail passes.  That’s why I’m blogging. Because we leave in 2 weeks–there’s still plenty of time.

At least I thought there was. Turns out since the Mister is a green card holder, he needs to jump through tons of hoops (to prove he’s not a scofflaw and actually lives abroad and isn’t using the rail pass as some sort of commuter’s dream pass).  A green card isn’t proof enough (funny, it’s enough for Homeland Security). I need to dig out our marriage certificate. And something else showing he belongs to US address.  Again, the driver’s license isn’t enough. I need to find a utility bill. Or a bank statement. Things that all come to us online now.

We will be in Japan for two weeks. Planning for week one is the Mister’s responsibility–we need to be in his hometown for obon.  Planning for week 2 belongs to me.  This is why we need rail passes–while the Things have been to Japan frequently, they have not ventured outside of my in-laws’ village in Nagasaki prefecture.  Since Thing 3 will be heading off to college all too soon, I figured this would the right time to see Japan.  So after obon, we’ll be traveling by train to Hiroshima, Kyoto and then Tokyo.  It’s my job to get us to each city, make sure we can see the appropriate sites, eat the specific dishes those areas are known for, and then find us a nice ryokan (B&B or inn) to lay our heads.  Much easier said than done.  The main reason this fell to me is that the Mister himself hasn’t traveled much out of Kyushu (his main island).  Plus that it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Japan, and my language skills have deteriorated considerably from being able to intelligently discuss the Gulf War to now asking whose turn it is to do the dishes.

I’ve got my work cut out for me.

And I’m right on it.  Tomorrow.



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