Running time

I’m trying to quit myself of a bad running habit.  It’s not a bad habit per se, but it does have a lingering affect on my performance when running races.

I stop.

For the lamest of excuses.

It’s purely mental–at each of my half marathons, I really struggle mentally after mile 9 or so.  I know I’ve got the stamina and strength to continue, but I get a teensy bit tired and…  “Oh, water!” I think I’ll stop.  “Oh, what a cool building. I’ll take a photo.” “Oh, a tree fell down, let’s look more closely.”

Adding to the confusion–my running app starts and stops when I do.  So when I finish a run, I see my “running” time, not the total time.  Which lulls me into a false sense of accomplishment.

I think the habit stems from my long group runs on Sunday.  We run from the local running store into a park, do multiple laps within the park (depending on your goal mileage) and then head back to the store.  From the store to the park is about 4 miles.  And although the group segments off into different pace groups, we all sorta congregate at the first water fountain in the park and wait for most everyone to catch up before starting the park laps.  And we stop at that same water fountain after each park lap. For me, since I run the 2 miles from my house to the store, this park water stop comes at mile 6ish.  Just when my mind starting to get tired.

Today I was determined not to stop.  I had 10 miles to do, which meant for me 1 lap in the park.  Of course, old habits are hard to break (and I was thirsty), so upon entering the park, I stopped for water.  But I was determined not to stop again after my first lap, and I’m pleased to say, I kept on going from miles 7-10, slowing, but not stopping.  Not even for some really lovely flowers in the park and a dead possum in the road (you’re welcome for that).  So 10 miles in 1:49:52. 2:43 seconds of stopped time for water, then :32 and :42 at two separate (long) lights.

After my post-run nap (yet another habit I need to break–it’s totally messing up my nighttime sleep), it was sewing time! More Lazy Days skirts!

First, a glimpse of my brother’s and my sister’s Thing 3s, at Grandma’s house, wearing their Lazy Days:



Paige (yep, like me) is in the lavender.  Cate is wearing the orange. Aren’t they (the kids and the skirts) adorable? Or as they say in French: adorable?

With the remnants, I whipped up three more for a co-worker’s 6 month old baby.



I should have put something in the photo for scale.  The two on the left are about 7″ long.  The bikes one is about 10″ long.  And yes, I know I’m breaking the first rule of  the “Here’s my new hobby” world–making something for someone who hasn’t asked.  This could lead to hurt feelings (mine) when the gift is under appreciated, or worse yet, guilt (recipient’s) when the hand-made gift is sent off to live in a closet unworn forever.  But the co-worker is a knitter (and, as such, has probably fell victim to this rule as well) and I think she’ll appreciate the gesture.  And, sewing is proving to be so much quicker than knitting.  These 3 skirts took all of 90 minutes start to finish.

Not to be left out, I whipped one a variation on the theme for myself:
IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1778

This took a lot more time, probably 2.5 hours of sewing time. Not including when I ran out of white thread and had to drive to three separate stores before I found one that was open.  I guess if I had a sewing app, this thread run would be treated just like the water stops–sewing time vs. searching time.

Here’s what I did for sewing: first, I wanted to line the skirt (it is white), but instead of using muslin, I just folded the fabric back onto itself.  I spent awhile trying to figure out a less bulky elastic waistband casing, but then ultimately went with the casing from the original pattern as I couldn’t wrap my head around any other way to do it. Then I designed the pockets using the most scientific of methods: tracing the pocket in one of favorite skirts.  Then it took me about 3-4 times each side (because I’m smart like that) to not sew the pocket in upside down or inside out. The pockets are actually a mustard yellow to match the edge ribbon.

Here’s what I learned from this project:

  • don’t run out of thread on a Sunday.
  • 2″ wide elastic is hard to keep straight within a casing.
  • I don’t need so much volume around my hips (although I already knew this)
  • probably better to use muslin for a lining instead of the original fabric–maybe there would be more drape?  And then I would have more flexibility with the length.

But for my first design experience, I’m pleased.  Although the skirt doesn’t have a lot of drape, it is substantial enough to wear to work in the summer. I’ve got a sweater in the same color as the ribbon trim, and that will be my outfit tomorrow, with some kick-ass oxfords.  🙂

That I will not be running in.




  1. Oh, I know what you mean about stopping! I was great last year for soldiering on but somehow that stopping thing a has started this year. Yep, it`s head stuff. And napping! Yep, I fall into that trap too.
    Sewing? Noooo. But I admire those who do and I adore those skirts-and the models!

  2. Paige – I am really thinking about trying to make one of these lazy days skirts , if I can find any cute fabric, and will try and think of a willing recipient for the gift, as not sure my teenagers would like them. ( and making them for small people seems easier ! )
    On running and stopping , I think stopping is ok on my weekend runs and runs alone, but it does make me struggle in races- although overall I find if I factor in stopping or at least walking through drink stations into my predicted pace, it gets me over the stress and usually it helps to keep me going.
    I ran a half marathon in March and got a PB, and i included slowing down to drink and walk and eat a glucose tablet and I found it could go past mile 10 without feeling dreadful.:)

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