The quiet before the storm



Holy cow!  Packing for a triathlon (even a sprint) is time-consuming! There’s so much stuff! Bike numbers and the transition wrist band, and my running number and the swim cap (white for my wave–#10), helmet, socks, nutrition, googles, sun glasses, contact lenses, for the  road id, running shoes, fuel belt, water bottles, chapstick, and clothes to wear home.  I’m sure I packed completely wrong, but at this point, it’ll do.

My bike is racked up on my friend’s car.  We’re leaving at 4:30am as the transition area closes at 6:30.  My swim wave starts at 7:17.

I think I’m ready.  I’ve done a fair amount of swimming (although I could have done more) and a fair amount of cycling (again, could have done more). My running’s up to speed and I’m happy where I am with that. I think I’ve probably approached this sprint tri little to casually, but at this point, it’ll do.

After reading some awesome Ironman (CDA and LP) race recaps, I realize that this is just a teeny, tiny spec of an event on that uber-athletic Ironman spectrum.  I am so impressed with the non-elite athletes who have the time and energy and dedication and time and strength and did I mention time to dedicate to their training.  But for some reason, just as running a full marathon has never appealed to me, neither does completing an entire IM. I really don’t think I could tolerate being with myself, and only myself, for that amount of time. I’m just not that interesting for that many continuous hours.

So the sprint tri it is.  At this point, it’ll do.



  1. SUPER good luck tomorrow. And this is your first….the goal is to finish! Yahhhhhh YOU!!!! Swim-Bike-Run nod nods. Go Paige Go!!

    (My sprint tri was supposed to be today … but we know how that went … but that is okay. I actually felt okay today and my brother took me in the morning to it and we cheered all the runners and bikers as they started…then we went home. Though what was really weird was they cancelled the swim due to an algae bloom in the lake! Instead, it turned into a duathlon for them …with a 5K run – 12 mile bike – 5K run again.)

    I want to read how you did … yahh. I want your split times. I want a picture of your finisher medal nod nods.


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