A picture is worth

a thousand words. Albeit I have much more to say, but the WordPress app only allows me to upload one pic per post. Not to worry, our first few days in Japan have been full of fodder.

First, we arrived safely! Although we left JFK an hour late, we arrived in Tokyo on time. The biggest treat–thanks to weaker than normal headwinds–our 14 hour flight only took 13.5 hours! Thirty minutes may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but psychologically, it’s such a huge lift.

Going to Japan from the US, you lose a day, so although we left Sunday evening, we actually arrived Monday night. Without a same-day connection to Nagasaki, we stayed the night at Narita. The next full day was more planes, trains and automobiles, as we took a 2 hr train to Haneda (Tokyo’s domestic airport, a 90 minute flight to Nagasaki, and then a 2 hr drive to the Mister’s hometown. Woosh! There goes Tuesday!

The next few days are full of family obligations. We came specifically for Obon (the Japanese week-long version of All Soul’s Day). As it is the first Obon following the Mister’s mother’s death (Hatsu-Bon), there’s much to be done. Details to follow when WP upgrades their app or I get back to the US.

In a nutshell, our first non-travel day included a humid morning run, a visit to the local volcanic hot springs for bathing, a fantastic lunch, and a huge argument with my sister-in-law which resulted in our leaving the homestead and struggling to find a hotel in a very small town during a major holiday. Needless to say, it’s been a very full day!



  1. Paige – family, you can’t live with them and you can’t kill them. Exhale. Enjoy your three and your husband and being away!

  2. I bet you`ll be happier staying independently of in laws in a hotel. What drama on top of all that travel! Thanks for the update. Thinking of you and your kids in Japan. It`s so important for the kids to keep in touch with that side of their heritage. Yep, inlaws and all!

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