(Woot! Finally figured out how to add more than one photo. This trip has been a huge tech learning curve. Also learned–from an exasperated Thing 2–that when my iPhone is locked, I only have to slide up the camera icon to use my phone. No need to unlock it each and every time!)

Anyways, back to the start:

Highlights of our JFK-NRT flight? I slept for the bulk of it. This is nothing short of amazing as I can. not. sleep. in a sitting position, but there was an empty seat in our row, so I could slightly (ok, majorly) contort my body into a horizontal sleeping position.

I fell asleep here:

And woke up here:


Wow! It was so lovely to not be awake for 6 hours of this flight! But then wow! It totally sucked to land at 9pm and be so full of energy and not ready for bed.

Narita airport is eerily quiet at night. We had to wait for the shuttle bus to our hotel, so we grabbed some onigiri (rice balls wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with something delicious, usually). Again, Japan ranks supreme in the clever packaging department–they’ve totally figured out how to wrap both the rice ball and seaweed separately (so the seaweed doesn’t get all mushy), but then made it super easy to open!

(Here’s the product)

(Step 1:pull the plastic strip down)

(Step 2: slide off one side of the plastic wrap, do the same with the other side)

(Step 3: Voila, a perfect seaweed ensconced onigiri)

My onigiri was filled with tuna fish! A perfect evening (or mid morning according to my NYC clock) snack!


A great start to our trip


  1. I have not been around much (sorry) … but I am soooooo glad you are enjoying your trip. I want to go to Japan too one day!

    That is a musubi?!?!?!?!? (someone told me when it is a round ball is it called….ack…what???? But a triangle it is called musubi?)

    I LOVE…..LOVE that you get to visit where your husband is from *smiles* … yahhh you.

    • So I asked the resident expert about how musubi and onigiri are different, and his answer is that musubi are always wrapped in seaweed, while onigiri don’t have to be. I always thought it had to do with the shape (onigiri are triangles, musubi usually are round).

      I totally recommend a visit! You already seem so familiar!

      • Ohh….. nods now on the musubi and onigiri thingy. And if I seem to know a bit about it … not because I know a lot about Japan … it is more because I love to eat Japanese food lol. I used to be piggly like that heh.

        It sounds like you are having a grand time…yahhhhhhhh!

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