Japan has a reputation for being small–its people are slight in stature, its homes are more condensed, the country itself is not so large…

Some things here though are enormous:

Like its beetles. This is a kabutomushi. It belongs to my nephew. It was actually purchased! along with a terrarium and food.

And spiders

Thing 2 found this in the McDonald’s restroom. After we ate.

And temple gates


And legendary giants

(This is “Miso-taro'” the legendary giant of the Mister’s hometown, although Thing 1, when told of the giant’s legendary status, did ask if there were any non legendary giants.

Conversely, things you want to be wicked big are not

This is a “large” iced coffee. And yes, those are my ray-bans next to it.

And breakfast (which is basically tapas, Asian style)

20130823-215153.jpg. I’m still hungry.


  1. Ack …. give back the beetle bug … but I do like the tiny plates of food stuffs … it looks so cute. I see noodles … and….fish? 2 sauces … and … sausage? What is in the square partitioned dish? And what are the yellow blocks? And is that soup in the bucket?

    Ack…lots of questions…and I am sure it is not easy writing on something other than your computer….

    How much longer are you visiting there?

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