I absolutely hate to admit this, but the Mister is always right.  Grrr. So frustrating.

Last night we attended a wedding of a friend.  While that may seem a bit crazy, heading off to a wedding (albeit local) en famille having just returned the prior day from vacation, it was in fact a good way to keep us up until a normal hour.

The wedding was really nice.  Small, as it is a second marriage for both, and lots of teens and young adults present as both the bride and groom were generous in allowing their children to invite plenty of friends. The food was lovely, the bar was open, and there was much dancing to be done.

And it was a lovely opportunity to dress up.  So I did, wearing this slinky LBD that I’ve owned for nearly two years but had yet to wear and my 4″ stuart weitzman peep toe sandals.  The Mister said, as we were leaving and I was struggling to descend the stairs, “You should wear lower shoes.”  Nonsense, I disagreed, telling him the shoes went with the dress, and both deserved a night out, having been relegated to the back of my closet for far too long.

As the guest list was small, there was plenty of room on the dance floor, and when the music started, I slipped off my shoes and the Mister and I started dancing.  Again, from the Mister, “You should keep your shoes on.  It’s dangerous to be barefoot.” Nonsense, I replied.  There aren’t that many people here, and there’s plenty of room.



Oops.  At some point, I got stepped on.  Didn’t quite realize it until I needed to slip my shoes on to leave.  A definite puncture wound.  On the top of my foot. I dabbed it with a napkin (probably really impressing the restaurant staff) and thought all was good. By the time we got home (a short 10 minute drive) and I took off the shoe, my foot was sitting in a pool of blood. Ick.  Good thing the shoes are black. And patent leather.

The wedding succeeded in keeping us up until 11pm.  Four short hours later, I was awake.  Not from the jet lag, but rather a throbbing foot.  And more blood.  Because the wound had reopened by being rubbed against the blankets. Of course we don’t have bandaids in the house.  Luckily my drug store is open 24 hours.  Holy cow!  Trying to slip my foot into a shoe was a whole new level of pain!  Got to the CVS and was paralyzed by the decisions to be made in the band-aid department.  It took me close to 45 minutes to decide on a bandage.  I ended up with some new “advanced healing” bandages, although the Hello Kitty regular ones came in a close second.

The silver lining?  Seltzer was on sale: 10 bottles for $10 dollars. Woot!

Even better?  The cheap plastic bag ripped open between my car and my house, and the seltzer rolled all over my driveway into the street.  BUT! Good news: none fell on my foot!

Lessons learned:

  • keep shoes on
  • bring my own shopping bag to the pharmacy just in case seltzer is on sale
  • keep shoes on
  • invest in band aids for the house, even the Hello Kitty ones
  • keep shoes on

All this excitement before 5am!  It’s going be a fabulous day!


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