(Yeah! Finally back home and able to post from reliable wifi on an actual computer!  Holy cow, I’m a fast typist!)

I’ll have some additional Japan posts, but wanted to show some treats we experienced over the past two weeks:

First: hot springs (onsen):  The Mister’s hometown is near Mt. Unzen, a fairly active volcano with sulpher hot springs.  Once you get past the rotten egg smell, it’s quite nice.


We were able to take rotenburo (outside baths), which was just lovely and soothing.

Also at Unzen we did some glass etching:

IMG_1867 IMG_1868

Thing 2 was the star of the glass -etching day.

In Amakusa (which we visited on a whim), we went swimming and then sea-kayaking in the East China Sea.  None of the Things can say: “been there, done that” with regards to anything having to do with the East China Sea.

IMG_1922 IMG_1920 IMG_1919 IMG_1918 IMG_1915


Things 1 & 2 were stars of sea-kayaking, serenading us with tunes from Queen and the Beatles during out sojourn.  This entire sea-kayaking adventure was totally spontaneous, and I must give a huge shout-out to the Mister’s college friend who just happens to operate a sea-kayaking outfit and was still in town and willing to take us out.

The East China Sea was lovely and warm, until the jellies came and stung Things 1 & 2. Not ever having experienced that before, it took them some time to realize they needed to leave the water.

In Fukuoka we had some time and visited a stationery store.  I’ve alway been in love with pens, and am very particular about the thickness of my pens’ tips. Enough so that the Things know not to accompany me when I go off to Staples for pen shopping. I prefer something less than .5mm and Japan obliged with plenty of pens in the 3.0 and 2.88 mm range. And in ROYGBIV order? Heaven.

IMG_1954 IMG_1953


Lastly, I actually started and finished some knitting while traveling.  Voila, a basketweave cowl made on the bias in some Swan’s Island I had on stash.  Can. Not. Wait. for fall!








  1. Trying out my poor skills at Japanese again…’onsen” … does that not mean 1st generation? (ack .. I bet I am butchering things…apologies.)

    And … omg … your Things … they are growing into young adults … they are fine looking lads and lassies nod nods. errr…. lad-sans and lassie-chans…*wonders if I am getting that semi correct*

    East China sea… is that the one where there is a dispute with China?

    And …


    • Onsen means outdoor or public bath–not sure abt first generation. Maybe issei (nissei is 2nd gen). And yep, the Things are big!

      The mister mentioned that china and Korea think the Sea of Japan name should be changed. And I think there are islands in the East China Sea under dispute…so many meaningless conflicts.

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