I feel as though Japan’s humidity has decided to follow us across the pacific and the continent, and settle on top of us once again. Although it truly is not a debilitating a humidity as in the land of the rising sun.

But the stickiness and warmth has whet my appetite for a project of cray-cray proportions:


I’m dying for this. And it’s done on US size 3 needles. Which means it will take forever. So of course I set myself a truly unrealistic goal of January 2014. I have a business trip to San Diego on January 11. It’s a yarn industry trade show, so I always try to bring my best finished pieces because I know the audience will totally appreciate them. They will know the exact pattern, and they will touch the hem and know the exact yarn. And they will see (but not mention) any mistakes. The pressure is on.

I also want this in a blue and white, but less of a delft blue and slightly more green (but still not teal). I want to wear it with black leggings, and my awesome boots.

Here’s the yarn I found:


It’s called anemone. The white is called popcorn. And take another gander at the neckline–it’s in a 3rd color. I’m going with a bright lemon yellow.

I’ve been wanting to use this color for some time–and I’m glad I waited, because Pantone says its a hot color for fall 2013


I hope it’s still on trend for January.


  1. You mean you`re going to actually KNIT this? OMG. It looks soooo complicated. An aunt of mine knit me a dress once. But it was in aran-not fair isle- so not as complicated. But gosh, gorgeous. I was only five at the time though, so it wasn`t a big an undertaking as your dress. I know that dress will look fab on you though. Wish you well with it, and looking forward to following its progress.

    • I’m sure going to try. The fair isle part will be complicated in that it’s a large enough repeat to get lost. at least it’s only 2 colors. AND, at a certain point, I’ll have to take scissors to it for a steek (norwegian knitting seems to love those steeks–never done one before myself). We’ll see how this goes…

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