That last post was very cathartic.  The next morning I woke up, did my dynamic stretches (which I’m only saying because sometimes my PT guy and coach read my posts), and pounded out a 6 mile “lactate threshold” run that had been a monkey on my back since the previous attempt. You see, a few weeks earlier I had given this a go (10 min warm up, 20 minutes at LT pace–for me 9:30 to 9:10 pace–then cool down to equal 4 miles) and I could not do it.  I quit the LT pace about 11-12 minutes in.  And walked home, ashamed.(as an aside: realizing now that there is no need to be ever ashamed when I take a walk break on my 6am runs.  while virtually the rest of the town is in bed.  honestly, is there anyone out there judging at all? at 6am? probably only the trash guys).

So when that workout re-appeared in my plan, I was dreading it. And it was longer–6 miles. Before I headed out, I gave myself a pep talk (it’s ok if you don’t do the entire 20 minutes–aim for 13–anything after that is cake which you can then eat for breakfast) and started out.

Beep beep beep, my app signaled the start of the LT pace, and off I went.  And I kept going, and going and going. Occasionally the app told me to slow down (I was sub 9:00 pace sometimes–a few downhills) and a few times it told me to pick it up (9:40 pace on a slight incline), but that 20 minutes came faster than expected and I still had some legs left to finish out 3 more miles.  6 miles in 56:46. Swoon!

I have to mention, I really appreciate the generous and kind comments; it’s always hard to look at yourself with a less than critical eye.  Being tall, I am always aware of how much more space I take up than smaller people.  Like when I climb a bus, my arse is in somebody else’s face.  (the only reason I know this is because someone at the Port Authority–NY’s finest public transportation hub if ever there was one–let me know this. Loudly. When I was in my mid 20s. And so self-confident).

Honestly, though, it drives me nuts.  When do we (as women) get to stop thinking about this?  Last week Red Hen picked up a Runner’s World magazine in her neck of the woods with Paula Radcliff on the cover.  An inspiring cover. Coincidentally, on the same day I picked up a Women’s Running mag.  The headline on mine: Which Shorts Make Your Butt Look Its Best. Jeez Louise!  Yep, that’s me at o’dark thirty, trying to find clean socks, shoes that aren’t two left feet, a supportive bra, a non-stinky tech shirt and shorts that make my butt look great.

Because the trash guys need that.




  1. Thank you Paige, I have just returned from a wet cold run (where has summer gone) had a set too with madam (why does it take 10 minutes to get pj’s on?) sat down and read your post and it lifted my spriits and made me laugh, thank you.

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