is not a condiment.

I’m doing all that I can right now to muster up the willpower to not kill Thing 2. Friday she pulled a huge boneheaded move that has serious and far-reaching repercussions. She was not the only stupid decision maker, and of course since it happened on Friday the 13th, everything that could have gone wrong, did.   Two days later, I’m still not calmed down enough to go into details. No worries, though, I will. Because there are huge lessons to be learned.

This is a turning point. She’s staring down two roads, and unlike Robert Frost, I want her to take the same freakin’ road as everyone else.  (doing her part to make it better along the way, but the same freakin’ road).

When all of this went down, I was hesitant to call my mother. Some things grandmas don’t need to know. But I was just at the end of my rope, and in a skype convo with my sister last night, she did remind me that my mother does have plenty of mettle and if there’s anything she’s good at, besides making the best blueberry muffins in the world, it’s finding solutions.

Nearly two hours of talking was a godsend. She said of lot of things that I instinctively knew, but was hesitant to act on, but in the end she is right, as mothers usually are. My obligation is not to the periphery of people involved in this…mess, but rather to my daughter, and only her.  So that’s the direction I’ll be going in.  And if I know my mom, by tomorrow she’ll have a list of suggestions that she’s already researched.

To further help with the stress, I made a lot of cookies.  A lot. Three different kinds. Many, many dozen of each.  They’re actually for my SCI Mountain Challenge that starts on Thursday up in Maine.  (and yes, Thing 2 will be accompanying me on this trip, although that had been arranged beforehand.)


The flat ones on the rack are molasses.  Of course, chocolate chip. And the piece de resistance: oatmeal (with cranberry, white choc chip, walnuts). I decided to make enough for Team SCI (climbing team: me, Doug and Stephen), Van 2 (me, Thing 2, Stephen, Marie and Janice–driving to Maine on Tuesday), and Van 1 (Jenn, Nancy, Oliver, Susannah, Lisa–driving to Maine on Monday). Oh, and of course some for the home front.

Being the good girl that I am, I tediously happily entered each of the recipes into My Fitness Pal so it could calculate the calories per cookie, since I plan on eating plenty. (as an aside: week one using the app has gone well–most foods with barcodes are already entered into the database, so I’m finding it easy to use. I also like that it gives you more calories when you work out.  So after todays 11.4 mile run, I got an extra 1198 calories to play with. Thus the multiple servings of cookies).

Funny thing about the cookies, though. You can’t taste the muster at all.


  1. Great guidance there from your mother. Lucky you! I am always mindful of the possibility of our kids reading our blogs some day and so I write with that in mind.
    I couldn`t make all those cookies without succumbing to a major binge. Luckily, I couldn`t make all those cookies, anyway!

  2. Oh Paige I am sending much love and positive vibes to help you through things with thing 2. My thing one chose the wrong path (read wrong friend) for 4 yrs, my parents were fab, you will get through this. X

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