Ride away to Boston

Ride away to Lynn/Watch out little one/Before you fall in!

(this is a New England chant, said whilst bouncing a baby/young toddler on your knees.  As you chant “before you fall in,” you separate your knees–but keeping a tight grip onto the kid’s hands–so they fall backwards, hopefully laughing and not vomiting.)

This Mister and I had a 24 hour get-away to Boston.  His friend Matsuyama (the artist) was having about a dozen of his works displayed at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard, and he invited us to the reception and following dinner. I love academia; the Mister loves Matsuyama’s work, so this was a no-brainer.  I’m glad we went, as I learned at the event that we’re the proud owners of two of his pieces. Not quite sure how that happened, but it did.  Now we’ve just got to find wall space.

My primary doc at my dog-bite follow-up visit declared no running until Sunday (at the earliest), so there was no run-around through Boston, which was disappointing.  I’m not sure if Murakami is at Harvard this year, but running into him along the Charles has always been at the back of my mind.  However, the Mister and I did take a long walk to find a much-heralded breakfast place (which was closed, of course, for renovations). While walking down one street, it smelled amazingly like chocolate, or a variety thereof. We couldn’t quite place the smell until we saw this:



Of course, tootsie rolls!

The drive up to Boston also gave me some time to work on Mekko:



I’m about 10-11″ into this now.  LOVING it!




  1. Those rhymes say quite a lot about the colonial beginings in Boston, don`t they?
    LOVE the dress. OMG! it`s even more fiendishly difficult than I remembered from your first post about it. I`d kill someone before I`d even attempt it.(Yeah, lousy idea, I know)

    Haha! to the place you originally hunted down for breakfast. That is just so typical of my luck too. Glad you found an alternative. And that you had a good time in Boston!

    • They really do, don’t they? And, really, you think by now I’d learn to call ahead when going out for a meal, just to be certain, but alas, I don’t. Stay tuned on the dress–so far, so good–I haven’t hit any glitches yet.

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