Do onions count as vegetables?

That was my only thought as I was so proud to get all of dinner on the table in between all the Things’ activities (so we could actually eat as a family, on a weeknight, heaven forbid) and remembered there were no veggies. But there were onions in the skillet beans and sausage, and the beef and mushroom pasty.

But no. Onions are not veggies. Broccoli is a veggie.

Onions are on my mind today as I started putting together my fabric selections and trims for my designer for my tech-wool collection.  (Gosh. That sounds so official.)

Because with each step I take in this process, I uncover a kajillion more.  I guess just liking wool performance wear isn’t enough.  I have to have insight on zippers and trims. And lines. And fit. And design features. I am such a novice at this–for me a good zipper is one that goes up and down.  Without getting caught.  A bad zipper doesn’t behave. And reflective trims and piping come in almost too many widths and diameters.  After days of research my eyes have glassed over (another kind of reflectivity, maybe?).

That’s just the design end of it.  Then there’s the whole business side of things.  Like a company name.  Don’t have one (yet). Or a product name. Again, drawing a blank there. Legally, I’ve set up a business before, so I know how to go about securing a taxpayer ID, etc., but my experience is as a retailer, not a manufacturer, and that’s a whole new onion. Logistics. And more logistics.

Lucky for me, I’m finding good peeps.  In my town! One woman, the mother of Thing 1’s classmate and a sportswear designer herself, put me in touch with the designer I’m using.  Another parent operates his own fishing sportswear company and is a graphic designer.  He’s invited me to his office to see how the business end operates.  The company I found that imports and distributes the wool fabric is in Red Bank, NJ–less than an hour from my home.  The sales rep has offered to walk me through my questions. I used to work in economic development for a NJ-based microlender–once I have my business plan done (a few more weeks and I should be good), I’m going to run it by one of my former coworkers for some honest opinions.

Yeah, onions aren’t veggies.  Nor do they always make you cry.

(oh, and any suggestions re: company or product name are ALWAYS welcome!)


    • I’m starting out small–1/4 zips for men and women, a skirt with a sewn in short (women), and either a long sleeve tee or singlet (both men’s and women’s). After that–jackets, capris and shorts and long sleeve or singlet (whichever didn’t get done the first go round).

    • I’m working on 5 pieces: a skirt with a sewn-in boyshort (women’s), a 1/4 zip (m & w) and either a singlet (m & w) or long-sleeve tee (m & w). other pieces i’m considering are a full zip jacket, short sleeve tee, capris and a skirt w/o a short (to be worn over existing bottoms)

  1. I was just wondering about this yesterday (because wondering about how other people are tackling their projects is more fulfilling than thinking about my own). Very exciting! And I agree, on the lam(b) is a pretty good name already.

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