We’ve had some fabulous fall weather here in NJ.  The past two weekends, I’ve taken advantage of it with Thing 3 as my company.

Last weekend we did some apple picking

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0004


I’m a huge fan of apples. Eat one nearly everyday. It’s my favorite fruit, but I’m very fussy about them.  This time of year, at the orchard we frequent, there were Rome, Macoun, Golden Delicious, Empires, Gala, and I think Cortland available.  I was able to buy some Honeycrisp at the farm stand.  I am an apple snob.  I did not get the Golden Delicious, even when begged to do so by Thing 3. There is no room for any “Delicious” apple in my house. If you have to name your product “Delicious” then obviously, it’s not.  I like to get a variety of baking and snacking apples and then spend the next few weeks making apple pies and apple crisps and, of course, apple fritters.

One of my favorite varieties is the Jazz apple which came to my attention in 2011 after reading a New Yorker article. (and then hearing about it again on WNYC–my local public radio station). I spent months looking for this apple, and when it finally appeared in my local Whole Foods (in the middle of the summer of 2012), I visited everyday, just about buying out the entire quantity.  It hasn’t been back, and I miss it so much.

I tried to accomplish one of my 47 things while apple picking. In addition to Thing 3, I brought along the interns from my office, and told them that their apples were my treat. Honestly, it’s not much of a stretch for me–I typically bring home close to 30 lbs of apples.  When I’ve brought guests before, they usually bring home 7 individual apples. When I deposited the interns back at their house, I thought “Mission Accomplished!” until we got home and Thing 3 handed me a $10 bill saying “This is from M…”  I guess I need to explain to M… about the 47 things.

This weekend I joined a few friends for a NJ wine festival.  It was incredibly warm, and I was completely overdressed in boots and wool socks.



(I’m the giant on the left)

NJ has an interesting topography, and some parts of the state are conducive to grape growing.  That being said, many of the wines were quite sweet, and I prefer really really dry wines. really dry.  Like Sahara-dry. But we tasted a bunch and I found one to buy for the Mister–a Syrah. (He likes reds).

I also spied this:


A crocheted yarn glass cozy.  Hmmm. Wheels are turning in my head.  Typically this group of friends and I are beer festival attendees, and we spend our evenings before the event pressing our young-uns into Pretzel Necklace making:



(note the unhappy scowl on Thing 3’s face.  She’s not impressed with our pretzel necklace pattern AT. ALL.)

I’m now re-thinking this indentured servitude.  Good thing I have some extra crochet hooks.

(ps–I want to thank you all for your kind words after my last post.  This is a hard time, but I know we’ll get through it.  Having friends close by and virtual helps so much.  Last week, I spoke to a friend (and former boss) who knows Thing 2 well (and whom Thing 2 really respects) about the situation, and she pulled a few strings to get her a mid-term interview and visit to a local, very tiny, private Catholic school.   Thing 2 is excited, and so am I.  Maybe there’s a glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel?)




  1. Oh, a good glimmer indeed there, at the end of your post. And yes, you are tall, aren`t you? I`d have a hard time catching up with your gazelle legs on the running track. Especially with my daschund ones. Oh well. Maybe I`ll just stick to apple eating competitions with you!

    • I’m am ALWAYS so surprised when I look at photos of my friends and I–I don’t think of myself as so much taller than they are, but the proof is in the pudding. But, I have a short stride, so I bet we’re better paired than you think!

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