I don’t know what Mr. Jagger was talking about–this weekend was full of Satisfaction ok, satisfaction with the small “s,” chez Sato.

1. Fall.  This fall has been the best for color in NJ in quite awhile.  The past few years the leaves have just sorta petered out at a dingy brown.  Not so this year.  On my long run this morning, I took the liberty of snapping away.

2. Running. My Sunday long run and training in general.  Let me gush for a minute: I LOVE WHERE I’M AT WITH MY RUNNING! I’ve got to say it here, because this is not a topic of even remote interest to most of my peeps.  Today in the car with the Mister, I broached the topic: “I’m really feeling strong during my runs.  Stronger than ever.”  The Mister: “Do you want wainscoting or wall tile in the powder room.” (granted, we were on our way to the worst store ever in the world* Home Depot, but you get my drift)

Anyway, everything is just falling right into place.  I’m running between 33-35 miles per week, with some intense workouts, which are hard at o’dark thirty am.  But I find that I’m actually looking forward to crawling out of bed for this!   I don’t know how this will translate over to Philly; my weakness is miles 10-13 and it’s really tough to train for miles 10-13 if you don’t run miles 1-10 first, but I do feel prepared, and whether or not I reach my A goal (sub 2:00), I am really pleased to be going into the race feeling so good.

3. Sewing: I made myself a cape with slickery fabric and it didn’t suck!

This was slightly terrifying. But I’m so pleased with the result.  I followed the pattern’s advice to use lots of pins. And I only lanced 20% of my fingers (FYI–that’s 2 of my 10). I decided to get persnickety about the herringbone lining up, so one shoulder I ripped out and redid. Very glad about that.  And then I hem stitched (I guess, not quite sure of the terminology) the entire garment so that the lining wouldn’t peek out from under. I still need some sort of closure in the front, but I’m thinking instead of toggles, I’m going to find some frogs so something a little more delicate.  The wool isn’t quite wool coating, so the resulting cape is something I’d wear inside, not outside, so the closures should be in sync with that.

4. Mekko: For the past week I’ve been untangling my blue yarn.


Untangling yarn is the most satisfying experience ever and goes so quickly  a huge time suck.  Today I caved and wound a new skein and moved forward.


16″ unblocked.  Bit by bit.

5. Treats.  The Mister was at a party last night and brought home the best Japanese store-bought cookies in the world. Yoku Moku.

Japan is all about packaging.

These “cigare” are probably my least favorite of all the Yoku Mokus.  But I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth, because they’re still pretty delish.  The tins, though, are the best.  I have them all over my house, holding random knitting and sewing tools, school supplies, office supplies, etc.

So Mr. Jagger. Eat your heart out.

*My lack of affection for box stores knows no bounds.  However, I’m forever being sucked right back in.  Our local Home Depot is such a spot.  Although I prefer our local hardware store, its hours aren’t convenient to 110 year old house emergencies which always happen at the crack of dawn.  When Thing 3 was 3 years old, I stated emphatically that we would never return to HD EVER. AGAIN. after having yet another miserable shopping experience. The next week of course necessitated a yet another visit.  As we pulled into the parking lot, Thing 3 said, “Oh, Home Depot. But why are we here. I thought we’re never coming back here.” Thunk went my head on the steering wheel.


  1. Love the pics, love the sewing, love the knitting love that your husband gave you a similar response as mine does when I want to talk about running.

  2. Three years into running and I`m finally beginning to get that people are just not all that interested in my mileage. Which, mind you, sucks in comparison to you! You`re rocking that road, girl!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress you`re knitting! Wow! Thanks for catching me up with that.

    Oh and the NJ Fall colours. And the cape.

    Now, tell remind me again… how do you do it all?

  3. What a great post – you really made me chuckle! Glad to hear the running is going so well – and you can do the sub-2, I know you can…I can, therefore it stands to reason that you can. Your legs are at least twice as long as mine and I’m sure I’m decades older. Go girl! Sending positive vibes! Helen

  4. Paige – i am on a catch up on favourite blogs evening and I love this post. As ever mostly in awe of your running , 35 miles per week is pretty fab ( I am around 15 – 20 at a push) and your knitting/sewing projects put me to shame thinking of the numerous half finished crafts languishing in bags in cupboards. Autumn ( fall ) colour has been pretty good in Scotland this year, although the skies have been a bit flat when I have taken pics. November winds have all but blown away the last of the leaves now. Always enjoyable to hear about life in your neck of the woods.

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