Gone Missing

I alluded in an earlier post that we’re re-doing our powder room.  It’s the result of the Mister wanting a fancy toilet and my caving in (after 15 years).  The toilet switcheroo should not have been such a big deal or taken more than a day, but the old toilet didn’t fit the new fancy toilet seat, which resulted in its removal, which resulted in finding the subfloor was less than optimal (amazing that we haven’t fallen straight through to the basement), which resulted into my having to choose new floor tiles and wainscoting (or wall tile–btw, I went with wainscoting–in keeping with the time period of the home, which I think is officially categorized as “money trap victorian.”).

So my top entertainment Chez Sato for the past week has been hearing the hurried pitter patter of Thing footsteps, the opening of the powder room door, the “aw man!” cry of indignation after seeing this:


and the subsequent even more hurried scampering to the 2nd floor. It kills me every time.



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