Useful Tips

Prior to heading out on my run this morning, I was scrolling my FB feed and came across several hashtagged Helloween greetings.  Originating from a European company whose page I liked awhile back.  I was going to be snarky and post a “learn to spell, stupid” comment, but refrained because

  1. snarky spelling corrections are not part of my 47 Things
  2. maybe there’s an alternative holiday, one full of happy greetings that don’t involve receiving candy, in another part of the world. That could be fun, and moreover, I’m not going to be that ugly American who doesn’t know Helloween from Halloween.

There’s not. It was a stupid corporate misspelling.

Tip #1: know your market, and spell correctly.

Last night the Red Sox won their 3rd world series (and yes, I will be an ugly American about our national past time and how we title our championship series) in 10 years.  I remember oh-so-well their 2004 victory, and I had to change my PIN code for my bank card to reflect the victory (at that time it was 1918).  Had to change it again in 2007.  Looks like another switcheroo is on the docket.

Koji Uehara, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Tip #2: know your team, and use an irrelevant PIN code. (and probably closely related: don’t blog your PIN code.)

Lastly, I came across this:

Alright, we’ll skip over the fact that even if I could walk in 5″ heels, I don’t as that would make me the size of a small NBA forward.  But I am a teensy bit jealie that he’s got such good form and speed with such a lousy shoe.

Tip #3: know your race, and choose your shoe wisely

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