Today was my last long run before the Philly half.  The past few weeks, my runs have been fantastic.  This one was only slightly less so.  I ran my typical route, albeit less populated on this NYC Marathon Sunday, and my legs were sluggish.  I attribute that to poor nutrition on Saturday–I had to work at noon, and therefore lunch consisted of 2 “fun” boxes of Milk Duds, 2 “fun” Heath bars, a coke, and a “fun” bag of pretzels.  Yes, the aftermath of Halloween is so much “fun.” I made up for it at dinner time with a large salad and tomato soup.  Lesson learned–none of that makes for good fuel the next morning on a 13 mile run.

But at about mile 5.5, I heard a “Hey Paige,” turned and saw J–a fellow runner from my running club.  She’s got a half the same weekend as mine, and she was on her last long run as well.  She fell into pace with me, and we started chatting.  J is a good runner, so keeping up with her with my sluggish legs and lettuce and chocolate-fueled tummy was tough, but I persevered. We circled our big park, climbed a steady mile-long hill and then quickened our pace along a long straight-away.  We split off at mile 10.

I’m glad I did this.  My start was so slow and my legs were so uncooperative, I wasn’t sure how I’d get through the 13 miles.  When I look at my splits, my first five miles were getting slower and slower.  The next 8 incrementally got faster and faster–even climbing the slog of a hill.  It was a bit of a confidence booster to realize I could keep pace with her in the middle of my run.

Speaking of confidence:

Thing 2 self portrait, Sept. 2013



Thing 2, self portrait, Oct. 2013 (at new school)



I’d like to see a smile, but the fact of the matter is that her talent did not increase significantly in the four weeks between self-portraits.  What changed, aside from her haircut, is attitude–a willingness to try harder. I’m happiest about that.

I’m also pleased that Thing 1 took his school’s “only seniors can wear Halloween costumes” rule seriously.



(Thing 1 is far right–yellow) They wanted to be Power Rangers but couldn’t get their hands on the costumes.  Funny how Teletubbies were available, though.

Thing 3, bless her, has confidence abound:



Thing 3 is far right–she is one of the My Little Ponies.  Her friend (2nd from right) is also a My Little Pony, but a different one, just in case you thought both shades of purple wig were the same. My favorite though is the kid on the left–she’s a lab animal.  Gotta love 9 year olds!



  1. Hmmm, that was interesting about your buddy making such a difference to your running splits.So much of our running success-and, everything else of course- depends on us believing we can do better.
    Great to see your kids thriving, especially your elder daughter.

  2. I always run better with company as long as I let them do the talking! Good news with Thing two. Great costumes. A couple of years that I lived in Canada I made Halloween costumes to earn extra money, but I NEVER made a lab animal-great idea!

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