one of those days…

Yes, those days.

It started out ok–a 6 mile run in the snowy weather.  It hadn’t really gotten cold yet, just damp from the snow, so I was ok with that.  Any day that starts with a run is a good day in my book.

But I had a 2 hr trip DTS (down the shore) for work, meaning I had to leave by 9 to get there for 11. I had about 40 minutes between kiddos leaving for school and my trip, so I thought I’d get some work done. “Thought” being the operative word.

Why does work have to be stressful? I mean, I totally knew what I was getting into when I signed up to manage a program called Christmas at Sea.  It means that my life is not my own from September through December. But really, why do people have to add to the stress?  One of the stressers this year is the number of knits that need to go out to the inland river system (mississippi, ohio, tennessee).  Looks like the economy is finally improving in inland ‘murica, because my chaplains have nearly doubled the number of hats and scarves they’ve requested.

Requested. Via my email, which wasn’t working (and by working, I mean that I couldn’t send out.  I could receive but not send.  this is not good.  Because i’m very e-vocal. Maybe in this case that is good.)

The issue? Not enough knits right now.  Oh, there will be plenty, but not til later (after Thanksgiving).  But right now, it’s all fishes and loaves.

So far it’s 8:30 am and

  • snowy run
  • broken email
  • pulling knits out of thin air.

I start on my 2 hour journey.  The check engine light comes on.  I pull a Click & Clack move and put hockey tape over the light. (not really, I don’t carry hockey tape in my bag anymore.  so i do the next best thing and switch the setting on the dash so it goes away).

The trip was uneventful, my hosts were gracious.  I actually thought the bad mojo was behind me.  Until I nearly fell asleep at the wheel on my way home.

Bought myself more caffeine.  Hit a pothole on the parkway and spilled said caffeine (stupid mini cooper and it’s horrible shocks) so the cup holder is now sticky.

Round up Things 1 & 2 for their doctor’s appt.  Phone rings.  Thing 2’s missed her counseling appointment (my bad–doubled booked the docs).  Rescheduled her.  Phone rings again–it’s DYFS, they need one last visit. Schedule them. Realize that now conflicts with Thing 2’s counseling appt that i just made. Can’t reach doc.  Spend time on the state telephone tree. Finally reschedule them.  Leave docs. Can’t find my glasses.  They’re on top of my head.

Decide I can’t cook.  Stop at the Pie Store for some pasties and steak & ale pie.  THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO PIES AT ALL in the store.  They are completely sold out.

Get home. Cook. Remember I’ve got a running club board meeting. Drink a beer. Browse FB.

See a post from my bestie in Maine, exclaiming her excitement for the David Sedaris show we’re attending. Which I have in my calendar for 12/21.

She’s all excited because it’s next week.  11/21.

The day after the Mister leaves for Japan.  The day I have two groups coming to my work for volunteering.

Is it bedtime yet?

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