Ready or not

I think I’m ready.

I’ve followed my training plan, almost to a T. I think I skimped on only one run, and only ended that one a mile short. I probably could have done more stretching and strength training, but the running?  Check.

And I’ve worked on drinking more water throughout the day (I’m not so much a fan of the terms “fueling” and “hydrating.”  Makes me think of myself as a machine, and I’m not. I eat and I drink.) And I’ve been more mindful about good nutrition, with the exception of cookies, salt & vinegar chips and beer.  I will always have room in my diet for those things.  As a result, my late summer/early fall GI issues have lessened.  Nutrition? Check.

Health? Knock on wood, all is good in Hamstring Land.  There have been no return trips to Stressfractureville. Even Piriformistown has quieted down.  This is sort of amazing.  Able body? Check.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful–mid 50s.  The course is not difficult–the first 8 miles are, as my coach says, benign.  Miles 9-11 are tough.  But then it’s downhill (literally) from there. External variables? Understood.

Frame of mind? This could be my (ahem) achilles. It’s been a stressful fall, first with Thing 2 (which has almost completely reversed itself–more on that at a later date), and then with work.  I’ve had work obligations most Saturdays (and an occasional Sunday) since Labor Day.  This is not new to me–the name of my program is Christmas at Sea, so it stands to reason that this is my busy time, but throwing training into the mix, while also being my savior, has almost derailed me.  I am bone-tired.

So tomorrow I’m skipping my 3 mile shake-out run and I’m going to sleep in to at least, oh I dunno, 7am (living large!).  I’m going to wash my running clothes, pack for Philly, create my new playlist (ever the last minute lucy) and just do my best to relax.  Maybe knit. Maybe watch some TV (an aside: we upgraded our DVR and cable service two months ago. I don’t think we’ve turned the TV on since.  Are there any new shows I should be watching?). I will get to the expo, pick up my packet and the fam and I will carb load.  We will then squish all five of us into one hotel room (sometimes that last minute lucy thing totally works against me), and go to sleep.  I will stealthily try to wake up, prepare and get out of the door by 4:30 am for the 5am security check for the 7am start.  And if all goes well, in 2 hours and 5 minutes I will be done.

Yep–2:05.  That’s my “A  is for aggressive” goal.  My B goal is 2:10.  My C goal? I would say “have fun,” but really it’s “not beat myself up if I don’t make my A or B goal.”

Ready or not Philly, here I come!





  1. Good luck with your race…after reading about your training and races these past few months I think you will totally make your goal! I am heading up to philly this morning as well for the race…but I am mean and got two hotel rooms so my snoring, noisy family can be in one and I can be in the other!

  2. I am signed up for a half in Inverness in March and your prep has inspired me. Don’t worry about all the hinterland stuff – it sounds as if you are in great shape for the race. Enjoy it !!

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