No, I have not caused another automotive mishap (lucky for us we’ve run out of vehicles for me to damage)–that sound is my wheels flying off.

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but then again, everything (at least in terms of running) had been moving along so swimmingly, I should have known.

Saturday I was out for an easy 4 miles.  And about mile 1 my left foot started aching.  Of course, I finished the run. I haven’t really learned that lesson yet. (an aside: I’ve read it takes adults 7 times to learn something new.  I’m on 4. I guess I’m not a quick study.) And I was hobbled for the rest of the weekend.  I’m thinking tendinitis (because that’s what Dr. Google diagnosed) and I’m going to play it safe.

The silver lining here? It’s wicked cold and over the next few days the weather is supposed transition from just regular frigid to slightly less frigid with rain/sleet. I’m registered for our town’s Ashenfelter 8K on Thanksgiving, but here’s one lesson I’ve learned–I’m going to look long term: a healthy winter training session and a huge effort towards a new PR in my early spring race, the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach.

Instead of drowning in my sorrows though, I spent Saturday afternoon until late night with some of my relay teammates, drinking way too much good beer, concocting new business ideas and getting excited about 2014 running plans while our youngsters whooped it over over 50 years of Dr. Who. The highlight trip of our running year will be the Headwaters Relay (forgive the craptastic website, let’s just say they put more effort into the event)–a 232 mile run through southwest Montana.  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT! So I’m completely willing to sacrifice the Ashenfelter for that prize.

Oh, and because my recent posts have been so devoid of photography, I leave you with some pics of the wicked cool marketing project I’m doing at my work.

IMG_0164 IMG_0184 

I think you all know that I work for a nonprofit that serves mariners (blue and brown water). To raise awareness of their work and its importance to our lives (and lifestyles), my knitters around the country are making miniature watch caps, attaching a tag, and then they’ve been instructed to leave those caps in public places (atop supermarket bananas, restaurant salt shakers, library shelves, wine bottles, etc) between Thanksgiving and New Years.  The tags ask the finders of the hats to use the hashtag #WATCHthisCAP and upload their photos of the found caps to social media.  Even though it’s not yet Thanksgiving, some renegades have already started (me included).  You can follow the project through twubs, pinterest, and FB.  It’s sorta like message in a bottle, and I’m excited to see where all these pop up! (Oh, and if you want to participate, drop me a message, and I’ll put a cap in the mail to you!)

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