Thanksgiving chez Sato was a low-key affair, with the Mister in Japan and Big Jim and Mrs. Big Jim (my parents and our go-to holiday hosts) in Hong Kong.

The day started with my town’s Ashenfelter 8K. With latte in hand, I braved the gusty winds and cheered my heart out. I wish I had made a sign. “They” were right–cheering on racers when you can’t is totally worth it. I was at a spot about 3.3 miles in, so there was still a good bit of distance to cover, and I think my cheers helped. There are 2,500 runners in the race and only 8,000 people in my town (during non-holidays), so crowds are a little sparse. I got lots of “thanks!” and smiles.

But I’m not gonna lie–cheering was the easy part. Seeing the race results? That sorta sucked. This 8k is my regular 5mile run. I totally love it. I never get bored with the route (unlike all my others). And I know, coming off Philly, I could have chewed up the course for a PB. Last year I did it in 45:45:90. This year I saw how the group in my running club that I can keep pace with did, and it ranged from 42-44min. So now I’m angry at my foot, which is super productive and is helping it heal so much more quickly.

To calm down, I decided to organize my upstairs knitting (as opposed to my downstairs knitting–aka the yarn store in my basement). I hope the Mister’s not reading this as he probably doesn’t realize all that stuff in boxes in the basement is actually yarn.

Anyway, this helped a little, as I learned that I should be less concerned with my (presumed) tendinitis and more attuned to my raging “startitis.” OMG–I have started and subsequently let languish Too. Many. Projects.

Sometimes shame is the best motivation–here are some of the doozies:


My version:


I stopped in the middle of a row 2 years ago!

Here’s a classic from 2006:


This is a baby blanket for my niece for daycare. She’ll be 9 soon. And yet another mid-row DNF. What was so urgent that I couldn’t even finish the row?

And a triptych of unfinished sweaters:




I don’t feel bad about the red one…yet. It was only derailed earlier this fall for Mekko. The blue one, though? That was for Thing 2’s 12th birthday. She’s 15 now, and only likes black. The beige one may still have hope; it’s a summer sweater. It only requires some major TINKing (unknitting, TINK is knit spelled backwards). Completely do-able. Good thing I found it.

It’s not just full-sized garments that I lose mojo on. Accessories are not spared at all in my fiber-ADD.

I’ve actually started and not finished the same project TWICE and in different yarns.


And a sock, only missing a foot (and it’s twin).

But that’s ok if I don’t finish this sock, because I’ve got plenty of other sock yarn to choose from:


After sorting through and organizing all that, I promptly sat myself down, took a deep breath….and cast on for a new sweater!


  1. Doesn`t matter, Paige. The value of those DNF projects is that you got to sit down, relax and enjoy the feel of the fiber between your fingers.
    I hope you get your dinky dress finished though-you know, the one you were knitting recently. It is just fab.

  2. This post made me laugh! I recently “organized” all my half done sewing projects with the goal if just finishing at least one (I ended up making reusable gift bags instead), I feel your pain. I hope your foot is feeling better 🙂

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