Why do today

what could be put off until tomorrow?

Tomorrow the Mister comes home.  In my head, I had this really impressive to-do list of things to accomplish during his absence.  I was going to paint the newly renovated bathroom. I was going to also paint the not-so-new other bathroom.  I was going to move the furniture in our bedroom. Or at least flip the mattress. I was going to get the growing pile of bulk garbage out to the bulk garbage place. Which is the curb. But I was actually going to find out which day is bulk garbage day so I could put it out by the curb on the right day. I was going to rake the leaves and tidy up the front porch. I was going to grocery shop and make some meals to freeze in preparation of my week long sojourn to Paducah next week.

Here’s what I accomplished on that list: I painted most of the new bathroom and bought paint for the older one. I didn’t even make our bed while the Mister’s been gone (I only used half of it, so no need to). It was a holiday week, so there was no bulk garbage pick up (that’s the story I’m going with). The Things (all 3) raked. Poorly.  I re-raked.  Slightly better. There was no trip to the grocery store (maybe I can sneak that in tomorrow morning), so no cooking.

But we’ve been creative in the Mister’s absence.  Thing 1’s been working on his self-portrait for school:


and for Red Hen, here’s a Mekko update (I’m at 20″; 5″ more before arm hole steeks!):


And, the a shot of the interloper (aka, the project that’s stalling Mekko).  It looks so unassuming from the front, your typical top-down raglan, albeit in a beautiful hand-dyed worsted.



but it’s all party in the back!



Swoon! Grellow continues to be my fave color combo!

Plans for this sweater (which is a revision of a cardigan i did a long time ago, in chocolate brown with a pink heart), which I’m making up as I go along include: mock turtleneck (or something a little higher than a crew neck to keep the vampires and guillotine at bay), long, long, long sleeves possibly with thumb holes, and I have tons of the acid green/yellow color left over (and maybe not quite enough gray), so I was thinking along the cuff of one arm to do intarsia in XXXXXXs and the other arm in OOOOOs, or tiny hearts on the elbows.  Not sure yet.  Also the inside of the hem will be in the yellow/green, as will the inside of the neck. I’m thinking I’d like to wear this in Paducah. In 7 days.

So the Mister will come home to an unpainted bathroom, unturned mattress, untidied porch, unraked yard, and freezer void of any pre-planned meals, but a newly organized heap of yarn and yet another partially completed sweater.  But I doubt he expected any differently.



  1. I am sure he will be thrilled with the knitting progression, very pleased with the painted bathroom and very very pleased to be home. (Thing 2 self portrait is wonderful!)

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