Guess what?

Oranges don’t crunch.

In my forced rest state, I’m trying to be good. So tonight I am resisting (with all my will) the salt n’ vinegar chips, and instead selected a delicious orange. (Doubly delish because I purchased them through our high school’s band fundraiser). The good thing (or bad thing, all depends on perspective) about the orange is that it doesn’t taste so good with an IPA. The good thing (or bad, again perspective) is that s&v chips do.

Now I’m going to knit. Because if my hands are busy with needles and yarn, they can’t feed my face.


  1. Mmm that tang, madam dies not like them so here in uk we get multipacks with different flavours in smaller packs, so we always have more s&v than say Worcester sauce ones that are her favs

    • we don’t have Worcester sauce chips here at all. I see some Old Bay spiced chips (it’s a spice concoction used on maryland’s soft shelled crabs) and in Japan, I really enjoyed the shrimp-flavored chips, but all of us chez Sato truly love the s&v.

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