We interrupt Mekko

for this as of yet unnamed top down raglan….(I think I’m going with Grellow)




Learned a few things with this sweater:

1. It’s nearly impossible to do intarsia in the round.  It seriously gave me a few days’ pause, until I googled it and figured out how to make it work.  For those not in the know, intarsia is “picture knitting,” as opposed to fair isle, which is pattern knitting, like Mekko. Fair isle lends itself to knitting in the round.  Intarsia requires going back and forth.  Combining these two incongruent techniques is messy. Therefore, I will not be showing off the inside of this sweater anytime soon. I

2. having Thing 3 take your photo atop the coffee table is THE. BEST. IDEA. EVER. It makes your backside look impossibly good and your shoulders look normally broad.  I will use this technique forevermore.

3. Don’t get your haircut and then wear a hat even though it’s snowing like the dickens–it leads to impressive flathead. 

Aside from launching a lovely sweater into the wardrobe, Thing 2 and I drove nearly 4 hours roundtrip for a “cookie walk.”   One of the churches DTS (down the shore–that’s New Jersey-ese for ‘on the coast’) that I visit for work has a fundraiser the 2nd Saturday of December.  I’ve always been working on that Saturday, but this year, I wasn’t. So I recruited Thing 2 who was a surprisingly willing participant given our 6:30am wake up call.

Here’s how the cookie walk works: parishioners make Christmas cookies (no choc chip allowed) in their family’s tradition/heritage, and bring them to the church.  The church hall is lined with trays upon trays of cookies, and visitors get a cake box and then have at it.  It’s organized, and gloved LOLs (little old ladies) stand behind the table placing the number of each particular cookie you want in your cake box.  At the very end, there are scales and the price is $8/lb.  

Here’s our loot:


I let Thing 2 make her own box for her and her friends.  Her box weighed 1.75 lbs.  Mine was 2.75 lbs.  $36 in damage. Not too shabby. According to my church sources, they make over $10,000 for their church with this one event alone.  Kudos.  

And kudos to Thing 2, too.  She beat me to the shower, and was ready to go at 7:15am.  I had misjudged the travel distance (i thought 90 minutes, but it was closer to 2 hours) and she didn’t complain.  Once we got to the church and the aroma of the cookies wafted through the waiting line, she started smiling.  All in all, we were there less than an hour, but as we left the church, she remarked that it was worth the trip.  Icing on the cake: I got stopped by the local cops (for driving safely and within the speed limit in what is judgmentally presumed to be my speedy mini cooper), she said that THAT totally made the trip.  And just like in the movies, we sang songs from our iphones all the way home.  Well, maybe not all the way home. Maybe more like 20 minutes.  And maybe not like one of those heartfelt movies, more like a horror movie, because we’re not such good singers. But we sang. 

Now if I can only get Thing 3 to take my picture from atop the coffee table AFTER eating the contents of the cookie boxes. 


  1. Did you handknit that sweater? I`m amazed at how quickly its done and how evenly stitched it is. And. I suspect, the angle doesn`t matter really-you`d look good from any perspective.

    • I did (handknit the sweater)! About 3 weeks start to finish. My knitting really improved when i owned my store, and whenever something turns out wonky, I just wet-block it. a bath (for sweaters or people) can solve a myriad of issues.

  2. I LOVE this jumper (sorry sweater!) love the colours love the design, its beautiful. Well done now get back to that Mekko.
    The cookie sale sounds great, better than baking all of them yourself as I am doing!

  3. I love your sweater! I grew up “down the shore” and I still say that we are going down the shore each summer even though I now live three hours south of the shore.

  4. I discovered the hard way about intarsia in the round. I remember coming up with some sketchy way to do it, but I also remember the inner surface looking pretty darn horrendous. Nice job with Grello; love the color combo!

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