I wanna run. But I’m right at that point in this so-called injury where I might be able to but I’m scared to try. So I’m being patient. And licking the wallpaper. Until Sunday. On Sunday I’m going to put on my big girl pants and give it a shot. And if it sucks, then I’ll stop and move onto Plan B and try again Christmas day. And it better not suck then. Because I don’t have a Plan C.

Ever the optimist, I’m going to focus on the positive.  Because I’m not running:

  • I’ve made considerable progress with Mekko. I will definitely meet that deadline.
  • I’m done with my Christmas shopping. Well, except for my parents.  And my brothers. But I’m done with the Things and even Thing 1’s birthday (conveniently on Christmas Day.  The Lord knows me so well–all three Things have birthdays on days of note. I cannot possibly ever forget Christmas, Washington’s Birthday and tax day).

The very frustrating thing about injuries is starting from scratch.  Tomorrow will be 4 weeks sans running, which means it will take me about 2 months (according to my coach) to get back into my pre-Philly shape. Which means I probably won’t be able to kick any a$$ at the Shamrock half (like I had planned).  I shouldn’t complain; this is totally a first world problem (“oh, woe is me, I can’t run and I probably won’t PR on my trip to my next race!” seems so insignificant compared to “i’m struggling to feed my family,” or “I have to carry water on my head for miles to my house hut.”) so I’m going to shut up now and look at rebuilding as an opportunity to start the year off right.

With Janathon! (god, it’s sorta funny how much I look forward to this)


  1. Ooohhh, Mekko! I can`t wait. Really, I mean that! I just love the look of Mekko right from the start. Reminded me of a petrol blue Aran sweater my godmother knitted for me when I was five. Just so super cool.
    So, I`m sorry you`re injured. But glad you`ll finish Mekko!

    • Oh the family rule is that if there’s time for football, then there’s time for running. That, and we still have so many little ones that the gifts are opened and breakfast eaten by 8am.

  2. Paige – sorry to hear you are out of running injured. I have not been on WordPress much recently, so kind of behind with blogging – writing and following.Try and be patient, although I know when I have been injured it seemed as if everywhere I went someone was running !
    Merry Christmas to you and your crew and happy birthday to Thing1 – I too have an inconvenient Dec birthday – Dec 23, but not quite so bad as Christmas day. I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more episodes in 2014

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