sink or swim

some things are going swimmingly.  Mekko, for example:



although this is not a very becoming view.  I think it will have more shape when I squeeze myself into it. I’m about 1″ into the armscye (6″ more to go), then some complicated cutting (ack! scissors and knitting usually don’t mix. but don’t fret, i’ll take a video of this process to include you all in what promises to be unparalleled drama and tension of the crafty variety), and blocking and I’ll stick a fork in it.  Most likely I’ll be done by new year’s. I’m considering actually sewing a lining in it so that the dress doesn’t lose its shape, but that would require sewing skills beyond my meager repertoire.

My experiment in running sank. Boo. I actually went out Saturday morning as that was my 4 week anniversary (for not running) and I wanted to prove something to myself. What I wanted to prove, I don’t know. I can be stubborn stupid like that.  My foot ached the entire time. On the plus side, it didn’t ache more–just a dull, constant ache with every step. And then considerable achiness all afternoon and evening.  Lots of ice, some naproxene and foam rolling later, I cried. I am such a baby. And promptly knit 3″ on Mekko.

It’s a good thing Christmas is this week.  Otherwise I’d drown in navel-gazing.  There’s enough pressure to pull off the perfect holiday (and a great birthday for a soon-to-be 18 year old), so I’m going to focus on that (or at least my version of perfect, which is a much, much lower bar). Then I’ll regroup for the new year.  I want to set some reasonable running and knitting goals, and I’ve got to work on my 47 Things list.  Maybe I’ll add swimming lessons to that list…




  1. What`s the matter with your foot, Paige? I can empathize having injured both my feet in my first marathon. Takes an age to heal. But cycling and swimming really got me through on the fitness end of things.
    Ooohhh, thanks for the Mekko update! Cutting? Now that is scary! Good luck with it!

  2. Loving Mekko. Sorry to hear run did not go so bad, on the upside it’s christmas and you would be too busy to run this week anyway. Well that’s what I’m saying. Have a great time with the three things and the mister.

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