Drum roll please….


IMG_0310 IMG_0309

Mekko is done! And what a process this whole steeking thing was. I spent close to 5 hours yesterday working up the nerve to cut the knitting (watching enough tutorials on the subject that I could probably teach this in my sleep. And cut too.) There are several different ways to do this, and I opted to not use my sewing machine (bad enough that I was going to take scissors to the knitting, running Mekko through a machine just seemed wrong).

So I crocheted (a skill that I’m not so good at, but good enough, I guess, for this) the steeks to reinforce them (shudder).



The yellow rows of stitches–that’s the reinforcement. Yeah, I know. It really doesn’t look so reinforcing, but those were the instructions and centuries of Scandinavians knit this way, so I went with it.

Then, after several deep breaths:



This is the part that surprised me.  It’s strangely satisfying to take scissors to knitting. The sound of the splicing yarn was oddly…great. Once I made that first cut, I felt like Edward Scissorhands and I just went at it for all the other steeks.


This is what you’re left with.  Little fringes of unravelness, but nothing major.  I decided though that I just didn’t want those ‘reinforced’ steeks hanging there.  In traditional wooly garments, the multitude of videos I watched indicated that the cut part of the steek would eventually “felt” into the garment.  I’m not that patient.  And I prefer a more finished look.  Voila. Ribbon to the rescue!



IMG_0279 IMG_0299 IMG_0305 IMG_0306


So here I am, with a finished Mekko, trying to figure out if I’m in love with it, or just in like with it. I’m a little hippier and bustier than the leggy skandinavian modeling the garment on the pattern.  And again, I realize after the fact that I’m not that big a fan of tunics. Originally, I thought it would look better with a leather belt in yellow. But I don’t have one.  So red’s a good back up (which is why I picked the red buttons–which is a whole other story: suffice it to say, I was at the icky notions store in town, and picked out both yellow and red buttons.  The cranky shop owner, when I asked her opinion about using either yellow or red said “why would you even think red?”  I bought both the yellow and red anyways and then headed to my fave fabric shop for ribbon, and after laying out Mekko, that shop owner, who’s less cranky and a whole lot hipper, said–OMG–you need to put some red in this.”).

Except I’m not loving the look.  Unbelted is ok.  But I’ll probably make an i-chord belt in blue, ala the pattern.  And the leggings–black seems so harsh, gray so muted.  The red booties though tie in nicely.  If the garment was a bit more a-line, I’d wear my butter yellow corduroys underneath, but it’s not and all the pockets and belt loops look wicked awesome under the knit.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m absolutely loving the details on this…how the pattern mirrors itself front and back (see the pic of the side seam). And the length is great. And the back fits well.  And I freakin’ cut up my knitting and lived to tell the story!




  1. OMG! You did it! You actually CUT through your knitting… It`s okay for the Scandinavians to do that. They`re holed up for three months in the snow with nothing to think about except how to figure a way to cut knitting and make it look great! What a risk!

    I love it. Even if you never cut it the actual knitting itself is amazingly complex and perfect.

    Love the shape-love your shape in it. The Scandinavian model can`t possibly look better in it. Are you sure you had three kids?

    Love the red belt. It shows off your skinny mini waist.

    Rude shop owner was wrong. And rude. 🙂

  2. I never, ever, say this, but OMG!!! That is absolutely amazing and you look great in it! I see it with some tights and boots; and the red and/or yellow looks right with it as well. You make me want to go attempt fair isle again.

  3. I agree with Jennifer, yellow or red tights. That is an AMAZING piece of knitting, and I am very impressed that you steeked and lived to tell the tale!

  4. That’s AMAZING (this, coming from a bonafide half Scandinavian). I totally love it with the grey tights and booties! It almost makes me want to attempt something larger than a hat…

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