Yeah, it’s Janathon! And the Mister and I kicked it off in a big way (although he’s not participating) with a “resolution run” with my running club.

This is an annual event hosted by our local running store, and there were two routes: 4.5 and 8 miles.  The Mister and I opted for the 4.5 miles. The first two miles of our route was a challenge, as it took us up to the top of Eagle Rock Reservation (which overlooks eastern NJ and NYC) where we all shouted out our running resolutions before heading back to the store for breakfast.

IMG_0316  IMG_0318


It was about 22F this morning, so the aviators were a poor choice of eyewear as the arms nearly froze to my face.

The highlight of the run was “Snake Hill” (here’s a shot from above):



After breakfast we headed home for Osechi, traditional Japanese New Year’s food.  Typically the Mister makes our Osechi, but this year we opted to order from restaurant.  It come beautifully wrapped in a furoshiki, and each of the foods is said to symbolize something (such as the black beans–they symbolize fertility–even though I love them, I stayed away).

IMG_0320 IMG_0322

The rest of the day was spent cutting out the pieces of a new top I’ll be sewing this weekend (hopefully) and knitting, and then making dinner.  I’m happy to report that our new knives (a Christmas gift from my parents) worked:



All in all, better a severed finger than foot. There are, after all, 30 more days of Janathon!


  1. Guess you blew the “stay injury free” part of your resolution already — or were you specifically meaning a running impairment? The Universe can be kinda ironic that way 😉 Love the Hello-Kitty bandaid. I have a few of those myself… and wow, that food looks awesome!

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