In anticipation…Janathon Day 2

of this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.50.22 PM


(I’m in the 5″-8″ light purple area, but our local forecasters are calling for 6″-9″)

I ran this morning.  3.02 miles at an 11 min pace.  I thought I was going fast, but my new garmin informed me otherwise.  I might not like him as much as I thought I would.

This is my first “two days of running in a row” since my tendinitis and immaculate conception ankle sprain of November, but I’m trying to come back smartly (and live up to my “no injuries” resolution, which, after my knife mishap, I should clarify to mean “no running injuries”–thank you Hennie for that), so I suspect I’ll be on that “every other day is a runday” schedule for the time being. Given the impending storm, I figured my Friday run would be out of the question, so I fast-forwarded that on til today, and plan to head out (depending on conditions) either Saturday or Sunday.  For exercise in the interim, I will count shoveling as cross-training.

Back to the storm.  Although not a single flake has yet to fall in my neck of the woods, my work is closing at 4pm and will remain closed tomorrow.  The port (I work in a port) is also closed until Monday. FB status updates show that the local supermarkets are a nightmare.

I can only add one thing to his mantra: “and beer.”  Luckily, we’re flush with food chez Sato, but I will have to negotiate the beer store on my way home.



  1. What you have in snow we are going to have in rain, lets hope we make it to the other side. We have lots of Christmas drink left but very little food, maybe we should trade! Good luck! x

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