Kiss of death

Of course when storms are hyped up beyond belief, they never live up to expectations.  And the minute the phone rang last night to let the “glen ridge community” know that school was cancelled on Friday, I knew…

not much snow.  I may be the only adult disappointed with only 7″ or so of snow.  It must come from growing up in Maine.  Anything under 10″ is for wusses.

So, on Janathon Day 3, the Mister trudged off to work and I dressed for running, added some boots, and got out there for some shoveling.  Which didn’t take long given how dry the air (and subsequently the snow) is. After 30 minutes or so of shoveling, I thought I’d add to the planking that’s all the rage this Janathon, but without penguin (or any other) PJs.



I would consider this a partial PJ plank–my photographer (Thing 3) was dressed in her PJs.  And yes, I am that mom who makes her 9 year old daughter stand outside in the snow and frigid temps in her footie pjs to snap photos of her planking mom.


  1. Haha that’s so funny that you had her take the picture. Can only imagine what’s going through her head!

    Great job though…and in all honesty it is a cool pic!

  2. Paige – I love so much about your blog , but right now I love that make your daughter stand outside and take photos of you planking in the snow. Bravo & Happy New Year !

  3. lol – I hear you about being disappointed by a mere 7 inches of snow… but as one who is currently in Maine, I would be very happy if we could have a storm that was just 7 inches of snow right now! Crazy few weeks up here. 🙂

      • you got that right! My boss closed the office yesterday – second time in two weeks. I don’t think we closed at all for the last couple of years. But the combo of wind, snow and ice proved to be too much for him. His usal philosophy is “It’s Maine. It’s winter. Deal with it.” and I don’t think he is alone. 🙂

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