Back to real exercise

Today’s been a mixed bag of weather.  Last night, the weather report was for freezing rain, but when I awoke this morning, the sun was out. Knowing this was probably short-lived, I quickly got dressed for a run, and sure enough, by the time I headed out the door, the clouds started rolling in.

But I lucked out, and ran my 5.91 miles precipitation free, albeit it was only 9F. It certainly wasn’t a pretty run, and I’m growing discouraged about how sore my ankle gets post-run.

After showering and thawing out, I treated myself to a nap (that should be its own Janathon activity), because the Mister, Things 1 & 3 and I were off to the (gasp!) mall.  The mall is my least favorite of all venues EVER, but I had promised Thing 1 some post-Christmas shopping, so off we went.

It could have been worse.  I could have been with Thing 2. But Thing 1 is actually a decisive and judicious shopper.  We emerged relatively unscathed with a nice selection of pants, t-shirts, and two hoodies.

The temps are still dropping, so tonight I’ll be serving lots of soup with a side of Downton Abby.  Can. Not. Wait!

So, Janathon Day 5:

Miles ran: 5.91 (total Janathon miles: 13)



  1. sounds like a good day, really. I hear you about shopping with teens – I have a niece who is afraid to spend my money. It makes shopping with her agony. this year, I got teh money out of hte bank, handed it to her and said “We aren’t going home until you spend this on school clothes.” She freaked out, and made me hold the money (probably a good thing!) but we whipped right through decisions – she built herself a nice little wardrobe, knowing her guidelines. Wish I had discovered this years ago.

    • Neither of my teens has the patience to try things on. But i keep telling them that you never know how something will look until you put it on. And the sticker shock (once they had “jobs” and earned paychecks and understood how many hours they’d have to work to afford those fancy jeans)! Priceless!

      • I did have to work to get C to try things on, but once we got going, adn she saw how they looked, she was in there for a long time, while I hauled in clothes. 🙂 Her sister won’t do it, she just buys big baggy things and gets out as fast as she can. 🙂

  2. Oh, I think we`d be perfect companions, you and I-I`ve just posted about my sales survival activities. and have blitzed out on Downton Abbey over the holidays! Almost relieved I`ve run out of episodes, though I think I know someone who`ll lend me the third series!

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