Boy, after two weeks of sleeping in, eating bon-bons (well, not really, but the imagery works), and basically marching to my own drummer, today was a shock to the system.  Granted last week I had to go into work on Thursday and Friday, but the snow storm took care of Friday, so Thursday barely registered as a work/school day.

But today, we were all up at o’dark thirty, with Thing 2 catching her 7:20 train to school, the Mister and Thing 3 (who has early morning chorus practice at 7:40) out the door at 7:30, Thing 1 at 7:45 and then me at 8. Such a rush of action between 6:30 and 8:00am.  The weather this morning was odd–57F when we awoke, but predicted to end up in the teens by nightfall. (WTF is all this?!?!)  I was tempted to go out running, but refrained as I didn’t need a late-ending run to add to the chaos. Instead I packed my clothes for a trek to my office’s gym.

After a fruitful day at the office I headed downstairs at my office to use our tiny gym.  It was installed for the benefit of visiting seafarers, truckers and port workers, and boy, it was busy. As in tough-guy-gym busy.  But the treadmill was free, so I commenced with my 2nd ever treadmill run of my life.  2.5 miles. 25 minutes.  boring as hell. Hopefully Mother Nature will figure out what she wants to do with us this winter and settle in soon.  I can take the cold–just be consistent, por favor–and not rainy.  The best part of the workout?  After, I visited the ladies room, and while I was sitting there doing my business, the light sensor “sensed” that no-one was in the bathroom and turned off.  That was excellent.  Thank goodness I had my phone with me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even chillier.  I might keep it inside again, but maybe this time use the elliptical. And do my business more quickly

Today’s Janathon miles: 2.5

Total Janathon miles: 16

# of planks done in front of truckers and port workers: 0 (hey, this is rough crowd)



  1. You have weird weather and a scary gym. I had that exact same toilet experience in Italy. I sat in the cubicle trying to remember whether I had turned left or right.. Do take care in the nasty weather though.

  2. Ha ha ha! about your office gym. Don’t be shy, get in there & kick some trucker ass on the weights! Who cares if you’re only curling 12 lbs., grunt like you mean it! ha ha ha

    Iknow what you mean about treadmill boredom. I’m run-training solely on a treadmill right now, as it’s easier for me to do timed-intervals using the machine’s monitor. I’m also not keen of a raw throat (panting in single-digit temps burns). But once I get back to 3+ mi. distances, I can’t do the treadmill. Music holds me for about 2 to 3 mi. After that, I need passing scenery & the gym can only give so much…

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