There’s no such thing as bad weather

only bad clothing.  

Unless it’s 5F.  Then there is bad clothing.  As in not enough of it. 

I did not venture outside for exercise, nor did I make it to the office gym, but I did have a PT session and I worked on my strengthening exercises for Janathon Day 7. 

And I completed a marathon.

Of cooking that is.  Tomorrow I leave for a 6 day trip to San Diego, and of course the Things will starve while I’m away, so I made a bunch of dinners and cookies in advance.  There are notes all over the house reminding everyone of what they should be remembering (their chores, wake-up times, after-school activities, when the milkman comes, etc.) Funny how when the Mister leaves on a trip, there are no notes, no frozen meals, no cookies.  And everyone gets to where they need to be, does their chores, and the milk is brought inside in a timely fashion.  Right now it’s nearly Janathon Day 8, I’m exhausted and I still need to pack.  Next trip, I’m going rogue. 


  1. I hear your pain on organizing to get away. It can be just too darned difficult with all the army manoeuvres required on the home front.

    San Diego should be warmer, at least. And, knowing you, you`ll find a way to fit Janathon into it all. Wishing you a pleasant trip!

  2. Oh I know that feeling, long lists, menu plans, reminders of homework, things to pack in school bag and still Madam ends up not having lunch one day at school! And as you say when the men go away they just go! Hope you enjoy the warmth, been thinking of you when watching the winter weather coverage on the news.

  3. I haven’t been able to face the outside either. Have a great trip! What wonderful running weather you will have there, if you can find time to enjoy it.

    ps No need for post it notes when the mister goes away because *you are the post it note.*

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