We interrupt Janathon for

the saga of Traveling Pants.

I think it’s fairly obvious–I love to put together outfits.  Things don’t have to “match;” they just have to “go,” and I take a lot of satisfaction when everything falls into place.  Especially when traveling, as I’m a judicious packer, most of the time.

With San Diego on the horizon and still fully loving my teal blue kick, I ordered a pair of “seaport blue” corduroys.  Amazingly, I found the fabric for my Lisette Continental shirt a few days later, and thought WOW! The perfect San Diego outfit!  and started sewing away!

The best laid plans of mice and men (and the fashion wannabes).  My pants did not arrive in time for my flight last Wednesday.  According to UPS (and yes, I’m gonna name names since absolutely nothing went well with this and they were so unwilling to own up to it), the package got mis-routed.  It was touring NJ and enjoying themselves too much to get to my house.  Finally, UPS agreed to re-route the package to San Diego.  It would arrive Thursday I was promised.

No package Thursday. A phone call determined there was weather, and oh, maybe they actually didn’t even know where the pants were.

Friday I called J Crew (and yes, I’m going to name names because these folks totally stood up to the plate) to see if there was something that could be done.  Their tracers didn’t have much luck, so instead, they offered to send a replacement pair for Saturday delivery (but without charging me for that) and instantly offering a credit for the original lost pair.  Problem solved!

Except there was more weather.  At least for UPS.  My Fedex somehow arrived on time. More calls to UPS determined that when there is weather they are under no obligation to offer a delivery timeframe. They could not tell me when the package would arrive.   With this in mind (and knowing Monday was my last day in San Diego), I called J Crew yet again to have the package re-routed back to NJ, and faced the reality that my imagined awesome outfit was not to come to fruition.

Today I dressed in my handmade shirt, threw on some jeans, wistfully sighed and headed over to my booth.  And then I got an email alert from UPS–my pants arrived in San Diego! Why, I don’t know.  They were supposed to be in NJ. But I’ll take it.  They were sitting at the hotel.  I ran the .65 miles back to the hotel, grabbed the package, and then prayed that my macbook’s retina display was truly accurate and the pants actually did go with the shirt.



(of course I’m standing in front of a blue tablecloth, so it’s hard to see).  And, for the record, I’d like to point out that my chuck taylors are the same shade of gray/brown as the tree trunks.

In Janathon news, I’ve restarted training for the Shamrock Half (in mid March), and today’s run called for a 6 mile tempo run (25 min at lactate threshold pace–9:30). Uber-tough, but as it was along the water, I was happy.  I had to stop a few times, but used the opportunity to take some pics of blooming flowers! (blows my mind that flowers can bloom in January).

IMG_0373 IMG_0381

Today’s stats:

  • miles ran for training purposes: 6.69 (monthly total: 33)
  • miles ran for traveling pants: 1.2


  1. that top is adorable, I love it! A friend is having similar problems with a registered mail packet, too – has our shipping system shifted to the Bermuda Triangle?! I’m so glad your pants showed up.

    • It’s such a first world problem when matching pants don’t show up on time, and I feel so superficial for complaining about it, but, hey it feels like the polar vortex just sucked these pants into oblivion!

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