This morning I checked my FB feed after my 3.25 mile slickery run on black ice–it was all abuzz with news about a runner (Meg Menzies) who was stuck and killed by a drunk driver while out on her morning run on Jan. 13.

Stuff like this terrifies me.  I run on the road. I run in the dark. I obey traffic laws and light myself up like the Las Vegas strip, but there’s nothing I can do (other than hop out of the way) if a car is being mishandled by someone driving drunk, or texting, or using the phone, or eating or discipling a child, or trying to handle any of the other myriad of distractions that present themselves.

I love my morning runs.  It’s just about the only time of the day when I’m absolutely alone–the rest of the day, just like any other adult, I’m at the beck and call of children, work, errands, obligations, etc. etc.  And I’ll admit, I’m selfish about this time. I use it to mull over my issues. Solve knitting math problems. Rearrange the furniture. Put together outfits. Listen to awful pop music. (but not Take That). Hold crazy conversations in my head.

But this Saturday, the 18th of Janathon, I’m running for Meg.  I’ve got a 7 mile run planned (my first official long run of my new training session), I will run deliberately and mindfully, and I will dedicate those miles in her memory.

You can too:


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