Time warp

Today’s Janathon activity consisted of getting up at 3:45 am to catch a 4:45 taxi to the airport for my 6:19am flight back to NJ.  Everything proceeded as planned, and we got on the plane, pulled back from the gate, and then the pilot announces that we’ve got to sit in line on the runway because San Diego has a 6:30am curfew for their airport.  Nothing can take off prior to that.  Then why oh why did we have a 6:19am departure?

Not that it mattered, because we had such a tailwind that our flight made it back to NJ 12 minutes early (good tailwinds, I suppose).  In the interest of Janathon, I did not use the people movers nor escalators at either airport and handled my own luggage (hefting it in and out of two taxis and up the stairs at my house).  Having determined last Juneathon that knitting does indeed count as activity, I knit Warriston on the plane.   Amazing what nearly 9 uninterrupted knitting hours can do for a project.

Maybe it’s jet lag, maybe it’s tiredness from working a weekend, maybe it’s just the juxtaposition of leaving the warm(ish), blooming left side of my country and arriving home to a rainy, cold(ish) right side of my country, but I’m all out of sorts!  Added to that the oh-so-many changes I picked up on–Thing 3’s hair is like shoulder length!  When did that happen?!  Thing 2’s mock trial team won their first round and now she’s all like super busy with mock trial and excited to be on a team!  Thing 1 actually got into the college of his choice!  It feels like I’ve entered a time warp where everything has moved along, and I’m six days behind.

Better catch up fast!

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