J is for

JUMP for JOY, which will count as my #Janathon activity for today.

In news related to his college acceptance, Thing 1 got both a letter and email informing him he was the recipient of two merit-based scholarships, which knock down the tuition costs from “impossibly high” to “nearly reasonable.”

To say that he’s on cloud 9 is an understatement.  Thing 1 is a kid for whom third party recognition comes few and far between. He’s won a few races in crew. He came in second in a Shakespeare recitation contest. And he regularly has pieces displayed in the school art show. That’s it.  In a country where awards, applause and ribbons are given for just about anything, our trophy case is sorta bare.  When this news came, I saw the light go on in his head–tah dah–the realization that there’s a HUGE world outside of our town waiting for his contribution.  Now is the time to step up your game, Thing 1.

Of course, all this great news must be tempered with reality.  Of course, I wanted to let the school know of these awards (wicked proud mom that I am).  But I also had to ask them if we could postpone his Saturday detention (for five tardies) to next week because of illness.  Thunk. No more tardies, Thing 1.

Which opened a recurring can of worms–Thing 1’s name.  Thing 1 has a given name and a nickname. They are unrelated, but personally significant. Thing 1, when filling out forms, always writes his given name, but then always adds “please call me NICKNAME.”  His college saw that note and made adjustments to its database so that all correspondence comes addressed to his given name, but the salutation and handwritten notes make use of his nickname.  Good job college.

Our school system, though, has yet to catch on.  That’s ok.  He’s only been a student in the system since age 4, and as a senior in a school that serves students grades 7-12, he’s only been there five and a half years.  So when I called today to try to excuse him from detention I got a “Thing Who Sato?”  Later, he showed me this:



This is from his Financial Literacy test.  There are 7 students in the class.  You would think the teacher could figure this out, solely by the power of elimination (hmmm, the six other exams are signed by students whose names I recognize–maybe this last one is Thing 1?).

Maybe, just maybe, there is a whole room of unclaimed awards for Thing 1.  Because nobody’s figured out his name.


  1. Great news for Thing1! I understand the whole name thing – I have two commonly used nicknames and teachers never got it right. Glad the college has figured it out.

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