I lied…

I didn’t have a 7 mile run on my plan for today. In fact, it was supposed to be a rest day (I’ve really really got to bone up on those excel spreadsheet reading skills).  But knowing that Saturday was for #megsmiles, I moved some things around to get a run in this morning and keep my 7 mile long run for tomorrow.

Coincidentally, our running club was having its own “parkrun” as part of our hosted run breakfast series. (I’m calling it a “parkrun” because we ran in a park for about 5k and I’m insanely jealous of that entire UK parkrun setup.) Turnout was light, given the rain and the upcoming Manhattan Half Marathon next weekend (which a significant number of our club are participating in), so there were only five of us to dedicate our 3.3 miles to Meg and one of our own club members, Doug Williams, who was also killed in a hit and run about 4 years ago.



The finicky weather added to the UK-ish ambiance–we started in a light, but chilly rain. The sun came out for a NY minute, and then we were pelted with pointy, hurty snow.  I enjoyed the run thoroughly–we kept together as a group and had a great conversation the entire time.

Afterwards I hustled home to get ready for an afternoon in NYC, specifically at Vogue Knitting Live, because I haven’t seen enough yarn and yarn-related stuff at all recently. VKLive is a retail show, so I had an opportunity to drop some coin on stuff I truly do not need.  But I went prepared.  As Warriston is about to leave the needles, I need a new project or two, and of course, I cannot use anything I already own.

Here are my two “jumped to the head of the queue” projects:



Oshima.  I like this because we’ve still got plenty of really cold winter left and it looks quite snuggly. I’ll be using this:



It looks very gray, but don’t be fooled. It’s not that dull. There’s brown in there as well.  I think the color is called “dead squirrel.”

#2 in line is Ravello:



I see this as more of a late winter/early spring wear. I’m going back and forth on a few combinations:

IMG_0429 IMG_0428


With navy for the bottom, the gray for the top and either green or orange stripes.  I’m considering this one a stash-buster because I only had to buy one skein of yarn–the gray.  The others (blue, orange and green) were living in my basement. I like the gray/blue/orange combo, but I’m growing weary of orange.  In fact, I’m growing weary of navy and gray, too, but if I knit this garment, then that would mean the end of those extra skeins mocking me every time I looked at my stash. The green would be a departure for me–3 muted colors all in one garment with nary a sign of neon.

The fun of VK Live were the displays–tons of Vogue-esque garments and extreme knitting.

I can’t ever imagine knitting something you can’t wear afterwards, so all of this time and effort really impressed me.  There was also a display of knitted GLASS which I couldn’t capture because of how it was lit and knitted pottery.  Amazing.




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