Actually means “Finished Object.”

Today I wrapped up Warriston, and actually did all the fiddly finishing bits, like the i-cord bind off (which took forever).  There’s one last step.

Typically once a sweater is done, you block it. Blocking helps put it into the right shape and size, and there are various methods to do so, depending on the fiber of the yarn. Blocking helps solve all sorts of problems.

Warriston is a 100% wool from Bartlett Yarns (in Maine) and it’s a “woolen” spun yarn, which means it mimics the spin of a handspinner.  It also means the yarn will bloom upon blocking.  Since it’s a 100% wool, I had planned on giving my Warriston a bath once it was off the needles, which would involve soaking it thoroughly in water, then lying it flat to the dimensions of the size I knit, and then waiting for it to dry.

Sounds great, except we’re in for some wicked chilly weather (again!) this week, and when I tried Warriston on for size, I thought it looked pretty great already.

See the pop of neon yellow in the pocket!  Nice, eh? Oh, and it’s oh-so-warm to boot!

I knit the yarn tighter (to get the correct gauge), so I do think blocking will add a slight bit of drape and soften the garment slightly, but given the forecast, I will be wearing Warriston unblocked for the immediate future.  Maybe forever.

In Janathon news, I had another FO moment: I Froze Off my arse on this morning’s long run.  It was 23F at the start, and I had on my fleece lined tights, but by mile 4.5, I could not feel my bottom.  But I plugged along–8.8 miles (another blockhead move–I misjudged the distance of this run, it’s been a while since I’ve gone long).  Initially I thought I would just walk the distance between mile 7 and home, but my chin and cheeks (the ones on my face, the ones on the other end were far gone by this point) pretty numb by this point as well, so I just kept going until I hit Starbucks.  I actually ran as part of a group (for part of the run) today–usually we all start together, but as the distance grows, the paces spread out and I’m plodding along solo.  I don’t mind this, but it was nice to have company for the bulk of this run.  It kept me fairly consistent in the 10 min/mile range, but even better, I was able to keep a conversation going at this pace.

With today’s long run, I hit 50 miles for #Janathon!




    • thank you. Now that the weathermen know the term Polar Vortex, I’m afraid it’s all we hear. 20F is nowhere near polar or vortex-ish, but the sweater/jumper will come in handy eitherway!

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