A quickie

before the snow started falling.

That was my plan for today. So at o’dark thirty, I headed out in the 21F temps.  Chilly, but I quickly warmed up. And I’m glad I did–my legs and lungs are finally syncing up after their long hiatus.  5 miles. Not speedy, but everything (finally!) felt right.

Really now the hardest part of moving back into training mode is the early mornings. For all my good intentions, I did let my injury keep me in bed into what felt like the middle of the day (but which was actually more like 7am).   But I’ve been diligent the past few days, and by next week, 5am won’t seem like the middle of the night any longer.

This morning’s run was interrupted twice with phone calls–although not yet one flake of snow had fallen, there were going to be early dismissals.  Ack! Making the call this early was certainly the harbinger for another false alarm.  Alas, I had nothing to worry about.  The snow started lightly by 8am, and soon enough we were living in a winter wonderland.

Here’s the scene early this afternoon:


I gave Warriston a nice walk for coffee in the mid-morning.  Underneath I was wearing a merino wool base layer and then my wool running jacket.  I popped Warriston over those layers and was nice and toasty for the 15 minute walk.  I’m considering reknitting this project, only much larger so that I can then wash it (creating a boiled wool), then lining it in some sort of wind-stopper lining (like gortex).  Or then again, maybe not.  That’s a lot of effort. And lint.



It’s now 7:40pm; there’s about 6″ of snow on the ground and the forecast is for about 6-10″ more. School has been cancelled for tomorrow, and my office has been closed. I had a 6 mile tempo run scheduled, but most likely that will be replaced by tea drinking and sledding (if the snow stops and the temps get above 20F).

After two years of lame winters, I’m really enjoying this!


  1. As I`m here in green, green Ireland, I`ve almost forgotten what proper snow looks like! You`ve had such an amount of it in such a short time! Glad you have the day off and can have some fun. Love the sweater! Wouldn`t dream of ripping it all and starting again!

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