So punny

A sloth was walking down the street.  He was attacked and mugged by four snails.  When the police arrived, they asked the sloth: “Can you describe your assailants.”  “No,” replied the sloth, trembling, “it all happened so fast.”*

Today, I felt like that sloth.  No worries, I wasn’t mugged by four snails. Instead I had a treadmill run that went by so fast!

But let me try to describe it:

Because of the snowstorm, I missed my first ever “progressive tempo run” on my training plan. I really wanted to make that up–just to see if I could do it. It’s hard regaining fitness while coming back from an injury.  In November, this workout would have been a cinch. Now?  That was a big question in my mind. And obviously, since there’s still snow  on the ground, I planned a #runch date with the treadmill my work.

The workout was for 6 miles, with a 1 mile warm up, four miles at a progressively faster pace, and a one mile cool down.  The tempo paces were: 10:30, 10:00, 9:40 and 9:20.  So I hopped on and let ‘er rip.  So to speak.

The warm up proceeded as planned (about 11 min/miles), then I upped the incline to mimic road conditions (1.5%) and upped the speed to my first pace: 10:30.  Easy peasy. Four laps later, speed upped to 10:00.  And I didn’t fly off the back of the ‘mill.  Amazing. About this time some of the stevedores and other port workers started coming into the gym, and up went the speed again–9:40.  Woo-hoo!  When I finished that mile, I was more than a little bit dreading the 9:20.  But I found a sweet spot at 9:13/mile and just kept going.  The last mile done, time for the cool down.  I slowed to about a 11 min/mile and got a half-mile in before nature called.  Too much excitement I guess.

I stretched and foam-rolled (hammies are tightening up again, ick), showered and made it back to my desk.  So fast!  An excellent #runch.


*this is our favorite joke chez Sato.  It just never gets old.  Although all three Things are truly sick of how much I giggle even thinking about it.


  1. Hadn`t heard the joke before. But I know how the sloth feels! Cool tempo run. It actually makes running on a treadmill sound exciting! Glad you can keep your fitness up with all that snow about.

  2. Great temp run, I think this might be a better run to do on a treadmill, that way you are sure to make the target pace or fall off the back. Impressive

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