Silly mantra

“There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” needs to be amended in 7F weather. I propose “There’s no bad weather, only not enough clothing.”

At 5am it was 7F. It had warmed to 9F by 6. And I headed out wearing (toe to head): shoes and smart wool socks, smart wool running tights, smart wool arm warmers, long sleeve tech shirt, lightweight fleece, running jacket, wool gloves, fleece mittens, smart wool beanie and smart wool gaiter for my nose and neck.

My toes, torso and head were warm. My legs, fingers and face were frozen. It was so cold that there was no runner’s runny nose–the snot was frozen. But 4 miles run & done at a 10 min pace. And it only took me 20 minutes to defrost. Unfortunately I tried to butter Thing 3’s toast in that 20 minutes. That was not successful, so instead she got a smoothie for breakfast. During the making of the smoothie, I realized we had not yet brought in the milk that the milkman delivers on, ahem, Thursday , so with my typical glass-half-full optimism, the cold temps saved me a trip to the grocery.

Seeing as there’s no reprieve for these temps for the time being, I’ve got to figure out what to do with my face. I’ve got warmer tights for my legs (just need to find them), and next time no gloves for my fingers–I’ve got Reynaud’s so I’ll double up on the mittens instead. But I need something that’s not a balaclava (cuz those are just so adorbs) to cover my chin, cheeks and nose because the gaiter kept falling down, and just got too moist from my breathing. I can procrastinate a bit though. Tomorrow we ‘re having a heat wave–28F and snow flurries!



    • I’ve seen those gel hand warmers but haven’t tried them. My Reynaud’s isn’t all that severe, and usually mittens are ok. (I can’t ever wear gloves, unless it’s summer and the opera), but if this weather sticks around, I may have to look into them.

  1. You are so much tougher than me! I ran (my 2nd time ever) on my neighbor’s treadmill in today’s 17 degree weather and postponed my long run until Sunday when it is supposed to be a balmy 22. I just couldn’t face 13 miles in wind and cold like that.

    • it’s awful when 22 is considered “balmy.” As long as it’s not windy, i’m ok in the cold, but i don’t think i’ll be doing any more 9F runs in the near future.

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