Downright balmy

9 x 2=18.  Yep, we doubled our morning temps and started out the day at 18F.  Amazing the difference between 9 and 18.  My face did not freeze (or at least until I turned around and faced the wind). I didn’t need my arm warmers as an extra layer. I could feel my legs throughout the entire run, and I only needed one pair of mittens.

In my enthusiasm, I tried a new (to me) feature on my garmin 220.  I had input my training workouts through Garmin Connect, and then “sent workouts to device.” So this morning, I when I started my run, I actually had my prescribed paces, etc. in my watch. But then I hit the wrong button and all went awry, which led me to believe I was about a mile further along than I actually was.  So instead of doing 8 miles, I only did 7.55.  Both the distance and the time (1:21 and change) were unremarkable.  Except that I was trying my best to stay within the paces my coach has set, which for this run was 11 min/miles.  This is tough–the slower pace in the cold temps.  My instinct is just to run to get it done.  But there’s probably a method to this madness, so I stuck with the plan. In the evening, the Mister and I went to a Beefsteak dinner fundraiser at Thing 2’s school.  The Mister and I are not from NJ, and this whole “beefsteak dinner” and “tricky tray” and other types of fundraisers are totally beyond our scope of knowledge, even though we’ve lived in this area for nearly two decades.  We quickly learned the beefsteak dinner mantra (“don’t eat the bread”) and had a helluva good time with the other parents at our table.

The “don’t eat the bread” mantra proved to be important.  You see, at the beefsteak dinner, you are served slices of filet mignon atop french bread.  The key is to eat the meat and save the bread for the…drumroll please…centerpiece building contest.  Yes, after eating, the tradition (at least at Thing 2’s school) is to take the leftovers from the table and construct a centerpiece.  Applause determines the winner. Our table was filled with Beefsteak Dinner newbies, but we were stoked for the challenge. And I’m pleased to say we placed 2nd, losing only to the table that went for the sympathy vote by creating bread-shaped “children.”

Our entry: Poopy Pup:


(yes, we actually deposited olives and spilled wine under the pup to indicate his disobedience.)

Our prize for coming in 2nd: a basket of various pasta, sauces, etc.  The Mister and I came home with spaghetti and donuts. Not bad for a suburban night out.


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