with a capital M.

I was being facetious when I proclaimed my molasses cookies made the world warmer.  But today’s weather proved me right.  I knew we were to expect a slight uptick in temps (up to the mid 30s), but snow was also in the forecast. 

However, this morning not only were temps higher than they’ve been since, um, Christmas, it was also NOT SNOWING! Nor did it snow at all during the day.  

You’re welcome.  Molasses cookies magic. 

Although the weather was better, today was a rest day from running.  My cross training consisted of my NJTransit commute, standing on the platform at NYPenn waiting for the train doors to open, and then watching the train leave the station. Empty.  With about 500 passengers muttering “WTF.”  Of course, to get down to the platform, we couldn’t use the escalator as it was headed up.  And when we needed to get back up to the station (to lodge our complaints), of course the escalator had switched direction.  So there were a couple of angry stair climbs mixed in with the bewilderment.

I did not bake tonight, so tomorrow’s weather will dip back into the teens.  Of course I have a six mile tempo run on the docket. 

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