6 Mile Tempo Run

I’m not going to say anything about the still frigid temps, except that I ran better in today’s 10F dark morning than I did two weeks ago in San Diego’s sunny and bright upper 60s.  I think my endurance is starting to come back.

My 6 mile tempo run is a 2 mile warm up, 25′ at 9:30 pace and then a cool down to get to 6 miles. (btw, that little ‘ mark by the five actually means “minutes.”  It took me a long time, really it did, to figure out my coach wanted me to run 25 minutes and not 25 feet. Because 25 feet isn’t much of a tempo run and nowhere near to 6 miles.)

When I tried this for the first time, post ankle injury, i could barely do it.  Actually, I really didn’t do it at all, and ended up walking a bit. This time around, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Hard to believe that Janathon is nearing its end. Total miles for me so far: 82.  I’ll get 10 more under the belt by Friday (2 runs plus a rest day). Not so shabby. I think better than last year.

Oh, and today’s time and budget suck is courtesy of kickstarter–lookie at these beauties:

(and yes, of course I backed this project)


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