Not again!


You know it’s been a snowy winter when your nine year old says “again?! sigh!” in response to “hey, look, it snowed overnight!” 

I think my magic molasses cookies have a short shelf life.  Outta the blue another 2″ dusting of the light fluffy stuff this morning.  The sad thing now is that nobody can drum up any enthusiasm for shoveling or snowplowing for that matter.  (in defense of all the municipalities dealing with this, they probably have completely shot their “snow removal” budget for the next few years).  

So at 5am when I peeked out the window and saw yet another winter wonderland, I climbed back into bed, vowing to run on the treadmill at work.

3 miles before work at a 10:10 pace. I was supposed to do 4, but the fact that I’ve actually run twice on a treadmill in one month is enough to make me cry, so I ended it early. 

And our forecast shows that our cold snap should be coming to an end, along with Janathon, on Feb. 1. 



  1. I feel like I have been saying, “I was supposed to do…” for every run I have had scheduled lately. I did 6 (on a treadmill) today instead if the 7 I was supposed to do. I guess it is better than not doing anything at all!

  2. Paige – we had a snowy spell in 2010, and after a few days the magic of snowy blanket lost its appeal.It is a pity you are not managing to run in the snow, as treadmill running is a real drag and always feels as if the miles go on forever …
    I wear Yaktraks to run in snow and ice, it’s lovely to get out and you get a good workout. This year our Scottish winter has been grey and damp so i am quite envious of snow. here is a blogpost I write a while back about my love of snow running – hope you don’t mind me sharing, and fingers crossed your weather changes and you can get back outside.:)

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